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The Epitome Of Country Living

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When one thinks of residing in the sun kissed country of Italy it is often thoughts of warm porches, stone flooring, and exposed rustic beams. However, homes like this are incredibly hard to come by. This house is the epitome of Italian country living and luxury. A wonderfully dual tone of modern luxury mixed with old style comfort, this house has everything that a person could want when they dream of an Italian country lifestyle, all the way down to the scenic landscape.

Everything from the stone flooring to the exposed wooden beams throughout is inviting, warm, and comfortable. Large windows in various points are a welcome addition to every room letting in natural light, fresh air, and an incredible openness. It’s not hard to imagine ones self relaxing and enjoying life to the absolute fullest in such a beautifully scenic home and being able to enjoy the wonderful Italian country living lifestyle.

The kitchen and dining area perfectly exemplify the duality of this home, featuring all of the modern amenities a kitchen of the 21st century requires while the contrasting wooden table with bright overhead lamps. A secondary dining area features a beautiful chandelier over the table, serving as the perfect romantic atmosphere. There’s even a beautiful stone and wooden fireplace that adds to the rustic charm of this eat-in.

The living room is perfectly comfortable featuring a wonderful old style wood burning stove with wood wrack companion piece. With a beautiful striped couch, white loveseat, and black leather chair you will understand what relaxation really is. Opening straight on into the dining area through a wide archway, it has an openness rarely seen in such rustic country living.

While the hallways can seem small at first glance, they’ve enough room for a chair and storage baskets in the walkway leading to the bathroom. Beautiful rugs, books, and a large mirror decorate what could have been a boring one and turn it into the warm space that it is now.

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