The Dream House From The Netflix Series Chesapeake Shores

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Here you can see the dream house, or the O’Brien house from Chesapeake Shores, the Netflix adaptation of Sherryl Woods’ work. The Chesapeake Shores house has captivated fans of the show and interior designers alike. Although this iconic beach house is supposedly on the Maryland coast, the show is filmed on Vancouver Island.

Take a look at the different aspects of this special house. I dare you to adapt that style to your own home decor! That way, you will have a netflix series home as well! Sounds like a lot of fun? Well, keep reading then!

Aspects of Chesapeake Shores house

The show is meant to be a (mostly) feel-good experience for the viewer. The storyline is warm and full of hope, and the house certainly reflects this. From the outside, the house is exactly what you would expect to see on the Maryland coast. Beautiful, wooden, subtle colors and a welcoming feel. The O’Brien house is the kind of place you know you could kick back and relax with a nice book, and a large glass of wine. The exterior exactly fits the aesthetic of small-town Maryland, despite the fact it is actually on the opposite side of the continent, 2500 miles away in Vancouver island, Canada.

From the outside looking in you might expect the interior to be very rustic, very beachy, slightly worn and weathered. Yet, it is overall still comfortable and welcoming. And that is exactly what you do get, almost… The interior is very beachy with lovely, warm, pastel colors throughout. The interior has a rural cottage feel, with all of its wooden furnishings. Still, one might say it is subtly quite modern. The kitchen with the amazing beach view is more contemporary than you would expect in such a house. It feels very warm and welcoming yet modern.

Did you like this home interior? It’s great, beautiful and simply fantastic! If you want more inspiring ideas check out the rest of our blog posts.

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