The Curvy London Home of a Writer

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Marie-Cassandre Bultheel, a health and wellness entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, and writer, was in need of a part-time home in London where she could author her books, organize classes, and host friends and associates. She found the perfect apartment (or flat) in Earl’s Court Square in the beautiful borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Check out this beautifully neutral, yet eclectic home for tips on decorating while considering sustainability and wellness…


The Architecture: High Ceilings and Dramatic Features

The stunning structure of the apartment is thanks to Marie’s willingness to renovate it. She stripped the ceiling and replaced four straight walls with elegant and intricate architecture. Fluidity is kept throughout the house with the use of dramatic curvatures in the design. There are also beautiful nooks and niches to display decor, as well as souvenir pieces from travel.

There were walls changed and openings or “windows” created between rooms throughout the house for dramatic lighting effects. One of these “windows” was placed between the shower in the bathroom and a staircase, which really creates a mysterious effect when using the staircase. Breathtaking architecture such as this can be found throughout the house, making it simply beautiful to navigate and stay in.

Feng shui was also utilized in the design within the home. Bultheel wanted every space in the home to feel contemplative and even meditative. You can almost feel like you are in Bali or Ibiza right in the heart of an urban setting.


Images: Architectural Digest

A Soft Neutral Color Palette With Textures and Materials for Depth

Set against the beautiful architecture of the home is a palette of neutral beige tones in all kinds of textures and materials. Ranging from stone to basketweave to linen and cashmere, the textures of the place really make the natural color scheme pop and feel fresh. The items in the home were sourced locally as much as possible from suppliers who share the same sustainable living values as Bultheel.

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There are no plastic or toxic products in the entire apartment. Marie wants to live and consume while keeping in mind the impact of materials and goods on both the health of human beings as well as the health of the environment. The wood in the flat is sustainably sourced as well as locally fabricated. Some pieces in the home were done in name brands like chairs by Eichholtz Furniture, lighting by Urban Outfitters, and a coffee table (& other pieces) by Olga Ashley. She has also decorated with artifacts that she has collected on her many travels, truly bringing pieces of the world into her home.

The Curvy Home Tour: In Conclusion

Marie-Cassandre Bultheel describes her home as the ultimate city sanctuary. With sustainable living in mind, she was still able to create an elegant and dramatic interior design that stuns all who enter. It is wholly possible to create gorgeous and modern style in any home while thinking about the health of our ecosystem, which of course, affects us all.

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