Centuries-old Spanish Farmhouse Transformed into a Stunning Home

Joan Lao Design Studio, a family of creative interior designers has renovated a 17th-century farmhouse near Barcelona into a one of a kind living space where they can live, work, relax and commune with nature. The family which comprises of a painter (the dad) and two designers (the mom and the daughter) had spent years searching for the perfect house to renovate before they settled this farmhouse. The building has over 2600 square feet of floor space, and it’s located in a 62-acre farm, surrounded by oak trees.

new and old interior design idea

All the old aspects of the building, including the clay floors and walls, wooden trunk joists, and natural stone walls were incorporated in the new design. The end result was a house that offers the sophistication and comforts of the 21st century in a space that’s bathed in a 17th century aesthetic. This juxtaposition makes the house uniquely luxurious- imagine being able to live and work in a space that has an archeological feel to it. The ambiance of the house makes it a great place to create and showcase works of art, which is exactly what the family does- the hallways are lined with paintings, and the living spaces are filled with artistic furniture and picturesque displays.

The design concept was created by the mother and daughter team, and the dad, a renowned painter, was charged with selecting a color scheme. Both the artwork and the home accessories were made by the family. Rugs around the house are made of natural textures to match the stone walls. The kitchen includes appliances and fixtures from the Allstone kitchen collection, all of which perfectly blend in with the color scheme of the house. The dining table and chairs also compliment the rest of the living space. The lighting fixtures are toned down so that they don’t create too much of contrast- the ones used in the house are from the Hidden Light Collection. Natural colored Lizzo curtains are used along doorways. The bathroom décor is from the Allstone bathroom furniture collection. The bathroom offers all the modern conveniences without ruining the 17th century aesthetic of the house.

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For a family of creative designers and a painter, this centuries-old farmhouse certainly offers the kind of atmosphere that inspires further creativity. It’s a place that’s meticulously designed to allow a creative mind to flourish.

Images: dwell

Photography: Eugeni Pons

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