The 9 Best Canopy Beds

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Give your bedroom a royal upgrade, from the sheets and duvet cover to a canopy bed fit for a king!

If you are in the market for a new bed, there is little doubt that you have seen the current trend in canopy beds. Today, canopy beds have become the hottest selling item in stores all across the country. But this begs many questions, and we have the answers.


Are Canopy Beds in Style?

Great question, are canopy beds in style? They’re making a huge comeback, and many interior design experts are saying that canopy beds are again in style! Canopy beds are making a big comeback. They have been around since Victorian times and have since lost most of their popularity in modern society. But there is something about them that just calls to us. The royal feelings, perhaps.

Canopy beds have been around for a long time, and have stayed as a popular bed choice, particularly because they give your bedroom a romantic feel. That said, can you blame them? Who doesn’t want their own knight in shining armor to come rushing to their rescue every night and encircle them with all that fabric that evokes Sir Lancelot’s room in the roundtable?

Are people replacing their traditional styles and antique bed frames with the canopy bed trend? Yes! Canopy beds aren’t just for young girls anymore. Nowadays, they have become a hot trend in bedroom decor that even sophisticates have begun getting on board.

How Big Should Your Room Be For a King Size Canopy Bed?

How do you decide what size canopy bed fits with your room? It’s a big decision to make, and just like many other factors such as cost, there are several things that affect the size of a canopy bed that best suits your room.

As you’ve surely figured out, a canopy bed is going to take up a fair amount of room in your bedroom. That might be fine if it’s your master bedroom, but it could make things uncomfortable if the canopy bed is in a small room.

The size of the canopy of your bed will depend on your ceiling and the height of your ceiling. If you have a low ceiling in your bedroom, you want to avoid using a canopy that is too large, as this can make the room look smaller.

Do Canopy Beds Make Rooms Appear Smaller?

When you’re planning your perfect bedroom, many people are set on a canopy bed. However, there are very few people with the ability to take full advantage of this specific kind of bed. Why is that? Most homes simply aren’t designed for these large bedroom structures — so what constitutes a good-sized room for a canopy bed?

Choosing the right bed size is an incredibly important decision. The size of your bed can dictate the type of decor and style you can have in your bedroom. For example, when you have a full-size bed, you don’t have as much space left over for other pieces of furniture. But what about canopy beds?

It’s important to consider the dimensions of your space before purchasing a canopy bed, which means knowing how much space you need. The size of your room will determine the size of your bed.

If you have a master bedroom, your canopy bed should fit right in, even if it’s a king-size bed.

Think about it this way, your bed is already taking up horizontal space in your room. When you’re adding a canopy, you’re filling the vertical space. So although you might feel like your room looks smaller, it’s still the same.

What Is The Point Of a Canopy Bed?

A canopy bed is a type of bed that, as you can probably guess, features a canopy over the top of it. People often have questions about these unique beds. What is the point? What do you use it for?

The answer is simple: a king size canopy bed is a beautiful thing! It takes you back to the romanticized version of what bedrooms used to be. Canopy beds were once common in American bedrooms. They were given their name from the canopy-like curtains that surround the bed that appear to “hover above” it (in keeping with the majestic nature of these beautiful beds)

The point of a canopy bed is to create the feeling of a plush, relaxing, and luxurious space that you can just fall into.

A canopy bed is an elaborate piece of furniture that is more than just a simple bed. It is designed to make you feel like royalty. Originally, such beds were used by the rich and famous as the focal point of their master bedroom. They served as a symbol of wealth and importance.

The look of a canopy bed can really add a sense of elegance and class to any room. It’s a prominent feature that is beautiful to behold, and it’s perfect for relaxing in comfort while still enjoying a good amount of privacy.

How Much Does A King Size Bed Cost?

How much does a king size canopy bed cost? Upholstered beds can be found in both polyester and cotton blends. The cotton ones are more expensive. The zippers, canvases, labels are other factors that determine the price of the bed.

Most king-sized beds cost between four hundred and two thousand dollars, depending on the manufacturer and your location.

Are Canopy Beds Worth It?

Canopy beds were once the height of bedroom luxury. Today, they are a popular choice for single individuals as well as couples. They provide a unique and interesting style that can add character to a room. But are they worth the money?

Of course! Every time you pamper yourself with something you love, it’s worth the money. If you like to live like the king, queen, or in-between that you are, then it’s worth it! Canopy beds are definitely a style statement and also add some charm to the decor of your room. If you’re doubting getting one, just do it!

The 9 Best Canopy Beds

  1. King Arched Canopy Bed with Upholstered Headboard, $1,999.00
  2. Black Transitional Bed, $1,209.99 $609.99
  3. Robinson Canopy Bed, $ 3,829 CAD
  4. PCH Series Canopy Bed, $7,810 $6,050
  5. Frame Canopy California Bed, $764.00
  6. Novogratz Marion Canopy Bed, $199.00-$201.98$201.98
  7. Paralimni Canopy Bed, $1,950$2,100.99
  8. Menlo Reclaimed Teak Canopy Bed, 2.799,00
  9. Bergen Canopy Bed, $1,998.00

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