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The 10 Best Linen Bedding

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Of late, linen bedding has been making a major buzz all over the place. Well, it’s no surprise given the fact that linen is very relaxed, has distinguished softness, highly breathable, hypo allergenic, looks absolutely elegant and it’s effortlessly stylish. No wonder it’s considered to be very luxurious, and many celebrities, 5 star hotels and artists who go for the best quality materials, choose linen bedding.

Word going around is that linen gives you a much better night’s sleep, since it has a massaging effect and it’s delightfully soft. And I being one of those people who easily gets obsessed with great new ideas, have diligently researched everything to do with linen, and i’ve come up with a list of the best sources to get linen bedding. If you want to bring yourself the ultimate comfort, great quality sleep, peace of mind, and overall better health with linen bedding, check out the list below.

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best linen bedding 2

1.French Linen duvet cover and two pillowcases with french lace linen bedding, stonewashed made by mooshop, $195.


best linen bedding 3

2. LINEN BEDDING SET. natural, $235. Natural Earth tones, wrinkled texture, this beautiful and organic textile brings softness and warmth to your bedroom…


best linen bedding 4

3. Luxury Belgian Linen Bedding, $328. Choose the color of the linen and the buttons or the type of finish and design your own unique linen bedding ! This made to order bed set is sewn from the high quality extra-wide 116″ (2.95m), 100% Belgian flax linen fabric- no extra seams or joined panels.
The Belgian linen is famous for it’s firm, fine, long and even flax fibers. This linen feels smooth but not slippery, crisp but not stiff nor starched, soft but not gauzy loose – just perfect for the linen bedding!


Stonewashed linen duvet cover "Stripes and Buttons

4. Stonewashed linen duvet cover “Stripes and Buttons“. “Stripes and Buttons” bedding collection is made of 100% natural stonewashed striped linen. White and natural flax (light warm grey) color stripes look elegant, simple and contemporary.

“Stripes and Buttons” duvet cover is decorated with charming bone-made buttons at the top of the duvet, which also serves as closure.


A luxurious, naturally breathable linen is timeless to work in any bedroom. High quality bed linen duvet cover provide year-round comfort, elegance, and simplicity

5. Ashes of Roses Stone Washed Linen Duvet Cover, $132. A luxurious, naturally breathable linen is timeless to work in any bedroom. High quality bed linen duvet cover provide year-round comfort, elegance, and simplicity. Pure linen fabric stone-washed in the production process for extra softness.


PLANET EARTH Stone Washed Belgian Linen Bed Linen Collection- Made in Australia

6. PLANET EARTH Stone Washed Belgian Linen Bed Linen Collection- Made in Australia. This beautiful and evocative range of bedlinen was awarded the 2015 GALA Gift & Life Instyle ‘ECO’ Award. A stonewashed linen, it is made in Belgium under the Masters of Linen Certification, which is a guarantee that the European flax is grown and processed in accord with strict environmental and labour standards.


Natural softened linen pillow case "Provincial Living" with linen lace. Pure linen bedding

7. Natural softened linen pillow case “Provincial Living” with linen lace, $42.00. Wake up every morning in your softest French provincial style inspired pure linen bedding. You may almost feel surrounded by the indulgent aroma of lavender and rosemary.

Highest quality natural linen woven into contemporary works of art …subtle and timeless. Lovingly and thoughtfully designed and crafted to grace the finest of homes.


Bella Notte Duvet Cover Whisper Linen

8. Bella Notte Duvet Cover Whisper Linen, $458.00 – $612.00. Bella Notte offers luxurious, eco-friendly linens and decor in custom-dyed colors and irresistible textures. The lightweight Whisper duvet cover epitomizes casual elegance for a comfortable and stylish bedroom.


greige Linen Duvet Cover

9. Linen Duvet Cover, $250. Soft linen duvet cover made that instantly adds a unique touch to any sleeping space.


Assembly Home Linen Blend Duvet Cover

10. Assembly Home Linen Blend Duvet Cover, $159 — $239. Soft linen blend duvet cover from UO’s modern Assembly Home collection. Solid color design adds an elegant touch to any bedding. Add patterned pillows for a more eclectic look or go romantic with lace and florals.

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