TEEbooks Floating Light Wall Shelf

TEEbooks Floating Light Wall Shelf

TEEbooks wall-shelves are ready-to-use, beautifully designed storage solutions for your books DVDs, CDs and TV.TEEbooks are the floating wall-shelves. TEEbooks shelves are simple, light and functional, and are an easy and economical way to bring a design touch to your house or office. You can create your TEEbooks design exactly how you want it to store your books, DVDs and CDs on, that’ s the best part of it! TEEbooks enables you to come up with various combinations. It’s up to you. A simple design for a simple and easy-to-use bookshelf design. TEEbooks shelves and shelving system let your imagination take flight and create a look which is perfect at home or in the office. If you have a big space, then why not play around with shelves at different levels and lengths. Or if you have, say, a small office then you can make the very most of your space with our space-saving, functional and stylish shelving system.


TEEbooks Floating Light Wall Shelf 2


TEEbooks Floating Light Wall Shelf 3



TEEbooks Floating Light Wall Shelf 4


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