Stylish Yet Timeless Kitchen Designs

Stylish Yet Timeless Kitchen Designs

Making your kitchen timeless, functional and gorgeous is not as difficult as you may think. A timeless kitchen design is something everyone can achieve with a little help, encouragement and several of the best tips for creating timeless kitchens.

white stylish elegant timeless kitchen design

Some people don’t even think of white as a color, however if you do begin to think of it that way, you will soon see that it is the best choice as a palette for timeless kitchen design. Your white kitchen can be as cold and impersonal or warm and cozy as you want it to be. It allows you to personalize with funky colored doorknobs, sumptuous rugs, accessories or colored kitchen cabinets. Although you may prefer to keep your cabinets white as well. Every color goes well with white, food always looks good in it and there is no place for dirt to hide. Chances are that you will want to do some remodeling at some stage and having a white backdrop will make it real simple. White walls and tiles are easy to paint over at a later date.

Image:  Rejuvenation

stylish timelees kitchen with hardwood flooring

Hardwood for flooring has proven to be a feature that more than half of home buyers who purchased homes without hardwood flooring, were prepared to pay extra for. This flooring type has become readily available at a reasonable expense, ever since it was mass-produced during the Industrial Revolution. Most home buyers consider this a very important factor. There are always features that men and women disagree on, but hardwood flooring always unites them. It has a lifetime of a hundred years, can endure high-traffic and gives our homes personality and warmth.

timeless kitchen with Carrara Marble countertop and crystal chandelier

Another classic for timeless kitchens is Carrara Marble for Countertops, which has been used in homes for thousands of years. Your marble countertops will still be trendy and look as good in the next millennium. It has a whiteness and lacy graining that cannot be found in any other natural stone. This stone will last for generations and it is less expensive than quartz. Finished with a good sealant, it will not stain.

Image: the kitchn

 linens and paper towels out of sight with built-in kitchen storage

Smart Storage has become a necessity for the kitchen of today. Our timeless kitchens have come a long way since the old coal stoves of the 1800’s. We now have kitchen accessories that are stored all over the house, basements, pantry, laundry and shed. Our kitchens have evolved into multitasking areas which are no longer hidden somewhere in the back of the house. This has created a need for compartments, drawers and shelves that can extend, slide, turn and unfold. Smart storage can have you storing everything away or you may prefer to leave certain appliances out and on display, giving your kitchen a warmer more lived in look. However, you can still use smart storage for everything you want out of the way or hidden.

Image: BHG

white Shaker style kitchen cabinets

Shaker style cabinets that are not overpowering, go all the way up to the roof like in old houses, and painted white will add simple, clean lines to your kitchen and always be in style. Their soothing appearance will reduce the sense of busyness in your kitchen making it friendlier and more cozy. Not only are they sanitary, but also sophisticated, keeping your kitchen traditional as well as contemporary.

Image: BHG

timeless gray beige moca kitchen with white subway tile

Although the subway tile was originally used in the first subway tunnels of New York, they have become a popular kitchen accessory in the American kitchen and bathroom. This timeless kitchen design has remained and is destined to never to never go out of style. Using neutral color ceramic tiles as a backsplash will ensure they are always trendy and blend with all styles, although a backsplash is considered an opportunity for a splash of color or texture. Subway tiles are simple to clean, remain moisture free, and will stand the test of time.

Image: Designer Friend

stylish elegant timeless kitchen design idea

If you want your kitchen to remain beautiful as well as functional and save money, you should choose appliances that are made from stainless steel and forget about what is trendy. You should ensure that they complement one another. There are many manufacturers who offer you stoves, refrigerators, cooktops, washers and dishwashers that match in color and style. Their sleek designs will give your kitchen a professional finished look.

Image: Design Galleria

Timeless Kitchen Faucet

Timeless Kitchen Faucet

Details like this beautiful elegant faucet make all the difference! Though fine-tuning the water flow and temperature is a little trickier with a two-handle faucet, it’s a timeless choice for any kitchen.

ergonomic design kitchen

An ergonomic design kitchen is one that always feels right. It will function well and be convenient for all people and any age group. It is adaptable and the timeless kitchen design remains easy living. This means that their should be varying heights and sizes of cabinets, countertops, entrances that can be adjusted if necessary. Pull out shelves and lower cabinet doors that twist mean convenience for the user and will ensure no-one is hunting for snacks that are out of their reach.

Image: thomasfordandsons

kitchen shelves lighting

Gone are the days where a kitchen was a dark and dingy place. Today you can get lighting that fits everywhere in your kitchen. Install overhead lighting and especially task lighting where you work and prepare your meals. Cabinet and shelf lighting will ensure that you don’t have to scratch around in the dark for hours. Soft warm lighting for night time is convenient for those late-nite visitors.

kitchen office

And last but not least, truly timeless kitchens must have some modern technology. Most kitchens are considered the heart of the home and families tend to spend more time there than anywhere else. Your kitchen should be wired for sound with TV and Wi-Fi. Either set aside a corner for more than a little cooking or use the central island more conveniently. Some people use the kitchen as an office. Add value to the space by installing USB ports and charging docks. Allow the family to get connected in the kitchen, and then to connect with each other at the dinner table!

 Image: Interior Design by Martha O’Hara Interiors Photography by Troy Thies Built by REFINDED LLC

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