Stunning Family Loft in NY

Kashpet contemporary loft interior design

While trying to find a good-sized apartment in downtown New York, the Kashper family came across a rather strange property that caught their attention. Probably because of the fact that it was quite strange and rather different, this place encouraged them to go for it, and now it has been renovated into a unique family loft that anyone would love to live in.
Natalya Kashper, who is also an architect, sensed that this place could be changed into something truly stylish. She made use of her expertise and innovation to achieve this goal. She did not fill it with furniture, even though it is a very large place. But it certainly is not a minimalist type of place. Instead, she made use of cutting-edge technology, coupled up with various raw materials to accentuate its unique features. The contemporary kitchen, the slightly elevated dining area, and the sensual colors that she used all merge together to create a unique ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere for both residents and guests.

Kashpet contemporary loft interior design 2 Kashpet contemporary loft interior design 3 Kashpet contemporary loft interior design 4

photographs: sabrina rothe

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