Storage Jar Cacti Garden

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Succulents like cacti require little maintenance or care which makes them great for places like a jar, terrarium or bowl garden. They require very little water and grow slowly. Jars provide a structure around the Cactus that make it difficult to be touched by small hands, while allowing people to view the beauty inside. Cactus in jars are perfect for little children who want to observe the succulent species in a smaller version of their natural habitat. It can educate smaller children on the importance of caring for another living species. Show your child how to plant your Cactus in a jar and help it grow.

  • How Often Do I Water My Cactus In A Jar?

Most Cactus require watering once per week when grown indoors. These succulent species are often found in the desert and are used to living without water for long periods of time. When you do water your Cactus, only use enough water to make the soil moist and not soggy. Remember to observe your Cactus. Too little water will cause the leaves to dry up. Cactus are great for people who are beginning to care for plants. They do not require a great amount of skill and are difficult to destroy.

  • What Type Of Jar Should I Use To Create My Cactus In A Jar?

Mason Jars are some of the best jars to use when creating your Cactus ins a jar. They are durable and simple. The glass does not obstruct the view of the Cactus inside. It gives protection to those who may want to poke and prod out of curiosity. Other materials like dirt, gravel, sand and greenery bode well in mason jars which make them a clear choice for your project.

  • How Do I Create My Cactus In A Jar?

You will need a mason jar, pair of scissors, a handful of gravel, a handful of sand, two handfuls of black dirt, a Cactus and gardening gloves to protect your hands. You may want to have colored rocks which can add to the beauty of the Cactus. Yet most people will choose brown rocks that work well with the natural habitat of the Cactus.


Place your Cactus in the jar. The succulents should be strong and large enough to handle the ingredients needed for your project. You may cut off a piece from a main Cactus to grow in your jar. Use your gloves to protect your hands from the prickly Cactus. Begin with the gravel layer first. It should be about 1 inch in the jar. Use enough for the size of mason jar you have chosen. The second layer should be a thick layer of dirt. Your Cactus in a jar should have mostly dirt in your mason jar. Two thirds of your jar should be dirt. Your third layer will be sand. Pour in as much sand while making sure that it works well when you water your plant. Your final layer will be the gravel. This is the layer that will sustain the plant and keep it standing strong in the mason jar.


These are some great tips about Cactus in a jar. Remember to care for your Cactus plant. Water once per week and keep it out of the sun. Cactus love shade for growing. Once you have completed your project, let your friends and family view and enjoy.

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