Stones Makes Comfortable Dwellings Too

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The construction of the edifice has retained the attractive stone structure creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, perfection is not the goal. Though everything must function, stones are not sanded to level lines and surfaces are left uneven.

This type of home, sometimes called an “underground home” or “cave home” is neither to a great extent, but it has all the markings of homes built around dark enclaves with this type of material. The “stone homes” of today are modern and offer a few more creature comforts than eras gone by; however, the concept is always unique.

The exterior of this dwelling is wild and free. The landscape is pretty much left to its own devises. It’s an unkempt look that fits well with the rest of the abode, and not by accident. This little home starts with a small entrance that leads to another quaint room. The open storage space and reception area holds various elements that make up the lifestyle of the individual or individuals that dwell there, whether it’s all year round or for a few weeks or months in the year.

Going further into the structure you find a functioning stone sink. A copper pan nicely enhances the space, while the stone counter-top serves a definitive function.

Rock-cut windows peek out into nature letting in natural sunlight once the shutters are opened. One great benefit of this type of edifice are the ecological benefits. These structures are usually self regulating when it comes to temperature. During the hot summer months they remain nice and cool, and in winter the temperature regulates itself once again and becomes warm.

The small structure has it’s own twist and turns as well. Who would have thought a staircase exists in such a small dwelling? Next to the impromptu staircase is a small desk and chair. A neat little space for quiet contemplative moments.

The stairway leads to a pleasing bedroom that thrives on the basics. It’s simple and useful, which is roughly all you need. A small window meets level with the bed and is sufficient enough to allow an abundance of natural light.

The functional bathroom has a stand-alone bathtub that fits perfectly with the overall setting and theme of the structure. Running water cascades out the faucet creating the ideal environment for a luxurious bath in an otherwise non-plush environment.

One of the innovators of stone edifices with comfort was Spanish architect Cesar Manrique. On the island of Lanzarote, he build an underground abode by digging into volcanic-basalt and constructing an actual subterraneous residence. There have been many others who have followed, even today.

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There’s no question that presently nearly any material can be used to create a comfortable dwelling. Ideas abound not by reaching for the sky, but by staying down-to-earth.

Via:du cote de chez vous

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