Stone Style And Texture

Stone Style And Texture

Stone is distinctive and can be found in unique textures and colors. This material has been used for thousands of years and is one of the most ancient materials still used today. You can see the beautiful effect of stone in this lovely conservatory. The interior design of this home by the designer and owner Daniel Östman, has stunningly merged with the outside creating an indoor-garden with comfortable seating in natural hues.

The concept of lasting, durable, high quality, and visually striking furnishings and accents come together to showcase a home build on style but remains modest. The furnishings in the conservatory are cushioned and warm in an otherwise gelid environment. Stone is not known for its warmth as much as it is known for its rustic textures and flexibility.

Using a tan-beige shade in the sleeping area keeps the room subtle yet modernistic in every way. The bed is basically devoid of a headboard; however, fur side pieces prop up the structure giving it an over-the-top design that holds its own. The interior design does not work much with color, it’s all about the texture. Natural fiber linens and nearly bare walls make this bedroom inviting and calm.

A special impression is produced in the dining area. It’s basic and purposeful. A long dining table adorned with high ladder back chairs and black walls, is the epitome of modernistic sublimity. Simple indoor lighting together with natural light create a splendid combination that illuminates the room in the most spectacular way.

As you view the rest of the home, it’s clear that it is created for someone with true artistic leanings. Individuality jumps from each bit of space. For example, the individual workspace is bodacious with a high yellow framed doorway, a huge black and white polka-dot room divider, and various useful pieces that are purposely placed for convenience and artistic expression simultaneously. In addition, the upper floor incorporates a black lacquered iron railing joined with a natural wood in an earthy, raw shade. The ambiance is similar to that of a boat deck.

The lounge area continues the black-wall theme with hints of royal purple in the form of a hassock and a textured white long fur chair. In this space, the wall dominates and the furnishings are there to complement the wall. The wall is powerful but not overpowering.

Throughout the home, you will find interesting shapes. However, they look natural, comfortable, as if they belong there and nowhere else. It’s not an easy concept to pull off. It takes more than style. It takes a profound comprehension of how texture, shape, and color all come together to create unique interiors. Without a doubt, this home is the paradigm of individuality tempered with practicality and style.

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Daniel Östman

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