Stoic Style In Grey

Stoic Style interior In Grey

Homes with beautiful landscapes have a unique appeal that is instantly discernible. The outstanding landscape of this residence designed by Workroom is simplistic, yet surreal. It begins with the cube shaped sculpture in front. Sitting solitary in a bright open space, this solid figure creates a soothing ambiance. The edifice is similar to one huge block, encased by glass and highlighted by natural trimmings like the well-cut lawn, woody plants, and glistening swimming pool.

In many ways, though this home is in the open space, it is obscure. The exterior structure is modest and unassuming, but offers plenty of comfort. Whether it’s a family home, guest home, or a combination of both, there’s a relaxed ambiance about the set-up that gives it a distinctive touch. The night-time ambiance is dynamic and the lighting stimulates the mood. It’s sleek, it’s cool, it’s awesome!

This impressive construct continues into the interior. The inside of this home is very much like the exterior. Clean, straightforward lines and easy color, highlight this home’s simplistic beauty. The huge brown door opens the way to a host of stylish furnishings that begin with the deep shiny corridor, which leads to a sleek well-equipped kitchen.

The cooking area design is straightforward. The entire concept sticks to the basics with plenty of hidden storage and appliances. The colors are stark and misty, all built around a contemporary layout. The open plan concept is broad and links into the living room area. The color scheme remains subtle while the furnishings are plush and homelike.

The modular living room seating is the ultimate in high-style furnishings. Grey is somewhat like a neutral color and can go in any direction when it comes to adding various shades. In this décor, grey is colorless.

The floor to ceiling drapes add a dramatic appeal, while large windows allow natural light to soothe the overall ambiance. The accent chair covered in long fur adds warmth and creates another dimension in the overall design. The subtle accents like the huge task light are unpretentious.

A smaller dining area breaks away from the overall color scheme and adds a vibrant hue of egg yolk-yellow. Modest wall art embraces the room along with subtle accents in lighting and foliage. A more avant-garde sitting area with two sofas in a cobalt-blue shade is ravishing. In fact, the sofa design, which has a Chesterfield type effect, adds an effeminate appeal to the space. The material texture appears high-tech glamor.

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The bedroom and bathroom areas continue the general theme of the domicile. With modernistic furnishings, ingenious hues, and daring-garde accoutrements, this home demonstrates the utmost in fine living and sophisticated appeal. Stoic Style interior In Grey 11 Stoic Style interior In Grey 12 Stoic Style interior In Grey 13 Stoic Style interior In Grey 14 Stoic Style interior In Grey 15 Stoic Style interior In Grey 16 Stoic Style interior In Grey 17 Stoic Style interior In Grey 18

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