Smart and Elegant Bedroom Decorated with White and Gold

white gold bedroom design

Here is a beautiful room designed with a thoughtful combination of white and gold. If you’ve ever designed a room with a white and gold palette, you may have experienced the unique effect of using these two colors. White has a calm and relaxing effect on the mind while gold adds a touch of royalty, class and glamour.

In this lovely looking bedroom, you can see how these two colors have been used to create a warm, cozy and relaxing effect. This is an inviting and feminine enclosure that has been designed to help you have a refreshing night rest. The simple but functional setting – of Scandinavian origin – is a gorgeous and attractive space.

The walls are decorated with calm white wall paper. The wall paper has subtle gray patterns that help to reduce reflection of the light from the windows. The white headboard has a nicely crafted bookshelf inside it. Some gold colored decorations have also been placed inside the bookshelf to create balance.

Just beside the bed, you can see a simple but elegant white table with thin golden legs. This side table could be a nice place for you to place your golden tea cup. The pendant lamp above the side table provides additional lighting for reading. But the incandescent glow also creates a subtle shade of gold on the wall.

The choice of bed covers and pillow cases also complements the gold and white palette theme. Ocher colored pillows and sheets are mixed with white ones. An additional multi-colored gray blanket is added to create a calm effect.

white gold bedroom design 2

white gold bedroom design 3

white gold bedroom design 4

So what do you think about this design? Will you like to use a white and gold design in your bedroom? If so, how would you do it? Please kindly share your views in your comments. Several other readers will be able to learn from you. Thanks.

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