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A Fabulous White House Wrapped in Sophistication

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White is a seemingly simple yet quite fascinating color, but not as splendid as this house looks! It’s the most versatile of shades, conforming to your every whim and idea of a home sweet home. Come, enter the welcoming door and step onto the classy wooden floors as you feel the contemporary ambiance of white walls!

The window lets the soft rays of the sun shine through to brighten the room, and at the same time gives a nice view of the outdoors. An elegant white rug rests at the center, and towards the side are the white stairs leading the way up. Passing the hallway that features a simple yet intricately detailed white frame, the white bedroom comes next with of course, white cabinets, chairs, beddings, with white candles on golden candleholders.

The mini-living room is inviting with a comfy couch infused with a cozy mood of fragrant candles. The dining table and bar stools are made of wood radiating nature’s qualities, while pots and plants add more life and create a rejuvenating, breathable environment. It’s not a surprise that the bathroom is all white too, which have highly attractive countertop square washbasins right below the lovely huge mirror.

Upon taking flight on another set of stairs takes you to the loft that doesn’t look the slightest of an attic. Rather, it’s transformed into a place to lounge and unwind with a bigger and longer sofa with stylish center tables to your convenience. Move forth and enter another incredibly spacious room!

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White is far from dull and boring, it presents a rainbow of ways to customize your place with endless options and give it an entirely fresh new appearance. The decors, accents, furniture in each room bestow splashes of colors and patterns that break a monochrome or monotonous effect. Surprisingly white isn’t just plain white, but can be a shaded representation of certain combinations. White tones can be varied for depth, and its texture can be played with to produce your desired effect.

Generally, white is a neutral color that can bestow a unique atmosphere to each and every room. Nuanced, white produces a subtle effect and is capable of creating distinction with the feeling it elicits, such as what this video explicitly and beautifully portrays. It can be warm and embracing, nice and neat, pristinely clean, and a myriad of other meanings that can color your life if you have your home painted in white.

Check the video of this cute home on du cote de chez vous

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