Small Spaces Make Big Impressions

Small Spaces Make Big Impressions

Wood floors have plenty of potential for versatility. Cut down into smaller pieces, they can be just as intricate and unique as tile floors, and just as stunning too! Even when long-boards are used, the variations are amazing.

This Scandinavian style apartment designded by Nastya Antonyuk, is accentuated with a more intricate wood floor pattern. The distinctive parquet floor design displayed in each room requires special material, more cuts and measurements, and takes more time to install. Craftsmanship is important as the more intricate the floor pattern, the more precise each wood piece has to be. In fact, the entire décor of this modern flat is highlighted by the stunning parquet floor.

Easy furnishings with their own distinctive appeal is apparent in every room. For example, a small sitting setup is conveniently placed alongside the sleeping and living room area. The layout is wonderfully designed to make this small space really work. There is something to catch your eye in every corner; however, the space is not overcrowded. Each piece manages to carve out it’s own niche without being overpowering. For instance, the round multi-hued braided accent rug adds just the right amount of color to make the space more vivid, and the peacock blue hued wooden spring chair is a perfect complement.

White walls help to expand the space and add interest. The walls alternate between rough and smooth textures. The small antiquated styled armoire works perfectly with the more modernistic furnishings in the space.

This residence is built around practicality to make as much use of the small space as possible. Storage facilities blend flawlessly into the background, individual shelves are placed strategically, and suspended and floor lighting enhances the natural lighting, it all works flawlessly together.

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Black also plays a prominent role by making the décor more aesthetic while not decreasing the apartment’s overall space. Black is a bold shade to use as a priority color in any home décor, so it must be utilized with care, especially in small spaces. Nonetheless, the flow of space is actually enhanced by the use of this dominant hue. Even the black wall used as a partition to separate the living and sleeping area from the kitchen is executed brilliantly and the fluidity of the space is uninterrupted! The kitchen has it’s own niche and appears larger due to the natural light that illuminates the area.

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This loft like space is wonderfully put together. It’s fun, laid back, and casual. It’s hidden gems are in the various artworks on the wall and other surfaces. What’s more, there are various hidden spaces and diverse corners, which make it more like a beauteous labyrinth designed for comfortable living and fun!

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