Small Scandinavian Apartment Design Ideas to Copy ASAP

A Scandinavian style is the most popular design in the world because it gives a modern and clean look to any living space. Its trademark is the minimalist arrangement and white interiors combination. The term “Scandinavian” comes from the northern countries, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. These countries have dark winters, which is why dark hues are avoided in this style.

A Scandinavian style usually has a color palette of white, beige, light blue, brown, and gray. It is loved for its natural and fresh feel. It is also an interior design that you can achieve with any apartment space. Here is how you can easily have a small Scandinavian apartment interior design:

  • Large Windows

A staple feature in a Scandinavian interior design is the use of large windows in the apartment. This feature allows the sunlight to enter the room and gives the apartment a cozier and homier feel. It also makes the entire apartment look brighter and cleaner. This is an essential feature because the northern countries that inspired this style emphasize the need for sunlight.

  • Natural Colors Only

In designing your tiny apartment, you would want to achieve bold and bright colors. A Scandinavian style only uses colors that are soothing to the eye. Whether it is furniture or a tabletop, it must be within the color palette of nature. For example, your sofa can be white, and you can have your throw pillows in a soft brown and beige shade. You may also go for a wooden dinner table while the chairs are painted in white.

  • The Whiter, The Better

As we previously stated, the Scandinavian style is bright and clean. With that said, mainly using white is an excellent combination to the natural sunlight you get from your large windows. A white space also adds the illusion of making your tiny apartment seem to have more space than it actually has. You may achieve a bright and spacious aura by having your walls and bed colored white.

  • Plants

Another pioneer mark on a Scandinavian style is using plants as your decoration. Its natural green shade adds a pop of color to the apartment. You just have to make sure that the size is not too big for your small apartment and that you use a clear or white vase. You may place these potted plants by the window or on the tables.

  • Keep Your Things Organized

Last but definitely not least, cleanliness and organization is a must for a Scandinavian-style apartment. Since you are designing a small space, you have to make sure that your things are not overcrowding your living space. You must set a designated place for all your belongings by utilizing the storage spaces in your apartment. An example of this would be installing pull-out drawers under your bed. This is effective because it does not take up additional floor space but stores all your belongings.

By following these tips, it is a guarantee that your small Scandinavian apartment interior design will look perfect.

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