Small Loft In An Old School

tiny white loft interior design

This small loft by Design Factory, is in a condominium that has a great charm, it once housed a school. In the courtyard, the neighboring chapel makes us forget that we are in Paris.

When we found this surface, we immediately knew that it had a huge potential: The ceiling height already cleared, without development, a real volume, the canopy offered to this garden level a superb brightness and the condominium itself – old school of the beginning of the century – has finished conquering us.

To enhance the volume, this mini loft was designed while height, with a suspended room on the mezzanine, a kitchen head up, perched on a platform and a library to dizzle Pascal and his neighbors shelves. To make each square centimeter useful, the storage design was inspired by the one of the boats with drawers in the ground, a wardrobe on the stairs and a folding double bar to accommodate up to 4 people at the table.

If it is only 22m2, it lives and feels like a large apartment with its fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living room and bathroom in length.


tiny white loft interior design 3 tiny white loft interior design 4tiny white loft interior design 2 tiny white loft interior design 5 tiny white loft interior design 6

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