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Sleek interior design is what every homeowner wants and it requires lots of creativity in managing a small room into a clean and neat design. Some homeowners find it hard to keep things within a small house and they just place their stuff in several wardrobes or cabinets which make the room looks even much smaller. It is a real challenge in avoiding unessential good within the room and this is what the Katrup family has conquered. The family decides to own a small beach house which becomes a great place to rest. 

This living room looks so adorable despite of its small size. This Katrup family’s cottage has a proper choice of colors and furniture sets which can add a spacious impression. The Katrups knows for sure that minimalist design is far from plain and boring. This is because the family uses the proper elements like colors, flooring and lighting. Surely, the choice of furniture plays very important role in making the room look bigger than it actually is. White or other neutral and light colors like tans or gray are the best options for achieving the best minimalist design. What makes the house looks more stunning is its exterior which is contrasted with the interior.

The same thing applies to flooring though the homeowners may prefer to add wood flooring mats for to enhance the natural look of the room. Check out the simple colors of the flooring in which homeowners try to avoid too complicated patterns for the flooring. Ceramic tiles which are used here are in white and they match well with the wall paintings and ceiling. The bathroom looks very clean and spacious with white ceramic tiles. For those who might be bored of seeing white colors, beige or cream are other excellent options.

Every room has very simple lighting like the bedroom and the family room. With very spacious windows facing the beach, the standing light is there to add the charm. The simple lighting works well with white walls in each room that do not hold too many ornaments. Surely, homeowners still can place some frames or accessories though they should add the aesthetic value instead of making the walls look more complicated. The homeowner also chooses only necessary furniture like slim sofas, a very small, yet trendy coffee table, with standing lamp in very neat design with white color. Placing books above the sofas is the best idea for maximizing the space.

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