Shabby Chic Farmhouse

Shabby Chic Farmhouse

A home as lovely as this, with beautiful finished floors refurbished from a former two-flat apartment building, has been transformed into a hub of striking “shabby chic” décor, with textured accents and interesting ornaments. Renovated floors, refurbished walls, and additional renovations turned a rundown edifice into a livable wonderland of spectacular furnishings and plenty of open space.

A group of individual distressed chairs are placed casually around an old farm table. Painted in a vintage-white hue, the eating area is reminiscent of a 19th century French farmhouse. The apothecary chest even dates back further to the 14th century, and adds historical beauty to the unique outlay of the room.

The distinctiveness about this home is in its particulars as well as the larger pieces. For instance, old pocket watches are placed in jars make an interesting talking point, while other antiques and reproductions add the eccentricity that makes this home so lovely and welcoming.

Showcasing structurally designed pieces in an ecru hued living room enhanced by deep beige walls adds character to the room. The furnishings are comfy and practical with textured pillows, a chesterfield designed ottoman, glass tabletop, accent rug, and polished wooden floor.

The theme throughout the home is filled with resplendently dreamy whites, creams with tinges of additional colors in between. Contemporary industrial metals create a mix of down-home comfort and modern chic. Small accents like wired baskets affixed to an aged barn wood plank filled with odds and ends adds a charming and inviting touch.

The kitchen is immaculate with distressed cabinets, a dark colored countertop island, statuesque cushioned chairs, and ample space for cooking and entertaining. Used pediments and pilasters are used to beautify the simple trim of windows and doorways. Natural sunlight enhances the white décor and deep rich countertops and wooden floor.

The owners of this home put their creative skills to the test by using tarnished silverware to embellish a lampshade’s framework. It’s amazing how something old can blend so well with something new. The effect is astounding! It’s a simple idea but it takes a dose of love and good taste to pull it off.

A collection of perfume bottles, pocket watches, flatware and more, creates a fantastic impact. Baskets, pitchers, old pots, and more are a great way to add that individualistic touch to a gorgeous living space.

Throughout the home, the master bedroom is one of the only rooms to feature a hue other than white; the ceiling is shaded with an enigmatic sky-blue that works beautifully with the entire room. Even the laundry room has its unique interior decoration with a pleasant collection of lace-edged linens complemented by a rusty-iron and an old scale for weighing.

The entire home is filled with interesting, thoughtful décor that is sure to give pleasure to the inhabitants for many years to come.

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