A Sense of Calmness in A Minimalist Finland Home

Minimalist Loft In Finland

Minimalist interior with a touch of industrial style is far from dull and cold in this Finland home. In fact, the right blend of colors and design choices have delivered a unique theme with its own distinctive charm. You can almost feel the calm atmosphere by merely looking at the awe-inspiring photos of the dreamy Maja house!

Black and white is a classic combination that likewise fits an elegant modern theme. High towering ceilings, full-length railings that trace the second level of the house, and the low-hanging huge light fixtures all arrive in brilliant black. The walls are predominantly painted in white from the ground up, while one side of the living room left almost bare and uncoated to match the shade of the flooring.

Sitting in the living room’s long grey couch or wooden chair gives you a beautiful outdoor view from the two-storey high window. The patterned rug beneath the center table adds texture and aesthetics to the space. Light shades of brown are present in furniture fabricated from nature’s elements. The built in fireplace gives off a warm welcome, while potted plants bring more life and color to the home.

The dining area has classy white chairs tucked in a long black table, which is set alongside large windows for brighter meals. The kitchen counter that doubles as an island is just next to it, following the open floor plan. Two wooden stools are on one side and underneath are vast storage cabinets.

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Personal spaces allow for a calmer setting, such as the reading area on the upper level. You’d want to pick your favorite book and relax on the simple white chair, right under an admirable geometric art lighting. There’s also a pile of books set on top a round table alongside a similarly sleek side table with a hint of gold.

Images: Scandinavian Deko

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