Rustic Nordic Interiors With Character

rustic nordic holiday style home interior

A house cannot be a home without a touch of class; the interior décor speaks a lot about the home owner as well as its other occupants. You can choose to have a blend of everything, ranging from the antique authentic aspect. It can also be an array of modern touch mixed with elements of vintage nature, giving your home a rustic feel at first sight not only just to you but your guest as well.
It’s not rocket science you just need to imagine, paint a picture and bring it to life, as Christine does with her home described in brief below.
The lounge is a perfect work of art. The bright background reflected in the living room makes you feel pure both in spirit and in mind. In addition to this the contrast of the dark colors creates an effect that allows you to notice the groundwork perfectly blended with materials composed of wood, sisal as well as linen. Not to mention the metallic impact of some furniture that compliments the chandelier.
The fireplace itself is magnificent. It’s carefully crafted to show a workmanship of a maestro. You would confuse it with something sophisticated. Directly above it, a touch of nature has been infused with the whole set up. Green flowery plants add up a naturalization of the place, which houses a unique metallic frame that holds some antique photos bringing life to the interior décor as well as good memories.
Christine choice of décor speaks of a lover of nature, indicated plant-like elements in the vase, feathers on the table as well as pot plants that climb the window frame. Moreover, you wouldn’t fail to realize that the house, in general, is a haven of some kind. What it offers is peace and serenity as well as a sense of pride in the spirit of celebration that the festive season brings together in people.



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Images: Style At Home

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