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Purple Hues Of Luxury

Purple Hues Of Luxury

A beautiful meeting place to relax and chat is the feeling you get from this planking and pergola made from pinewood stained and varnish. Philippe Starck chairs add just the right amount of modernistic contrast. Soft cushions exude the beauty of lavender-violet hues. The beauty of this scene extends to the interior as well. For instance, the same color theme streams into the inside of the home, carrying a tranquil ambiance throughout the space.

Inside the home, the living room is thrust into a palette of lavender, mauves, and royal purple, against a backdrop of white walls, soft beige sectional sofa, and natural textured accents like a wicker basket and natural fiber rug. Large paned windows dressed in pallid color blinds are adjustable allowing vibrant light to enter the room and highlight the natural wood floor. The evening gives way to an arch lamp to soften the glow. The dining area easily flows into the space with suspended lighting and ultra-modern chairs from Dbarcelona.

The opening of the room is divided by a winding staircase discreetly hidden behind a fully functioning kitchen area. Keeping with the modernistic approach, kitchen appliances and cabinets are all compartmentalized creating a seamless look of impeccability.

The beautiful theme of rich hues of pinks, mauves, and amethyst continue upstairs. The bedrooms are styled for comfort, practicality, and a spacious environment. A canvas-sized picture of the Champs Elysees in black and white adorns the wall of one bedroom. Though the picture is muted in color, it blends flawlessly with the rest of the décor. As with the entire home, the bedroom floor is a beautiful wide-planked dark wood that works with any style of furnishings and color.
The bathroom off the main bedroom integrates into the space easily. A large countertop hosts a recessed sink made from Corian. The same as the kitchen, storage space is incorporated into one piece, keeping the space clear, precise, and lucid.

The children’s room is a childhood dream splashed with color, interesting objects, and plenty of room. The open area allows room for a table and chairs that complements the sleeping area full of fun cushions with windows that enrich the area with natural light. In addition, an alphabetical area rug adds the right touch of playfulness to the ambiance. Storage compartments under the sleeping area carry the theme that has been present throughout the home, a seamless integration of useful space through compartmentalization.

Comfort is a priority in this elegantly designed home. The décor instills a feeling of casualness that makes it welcoming and easy going. Colors light-up the areas, resonating a feeling of wholesomeness and enjoyment.

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