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The Pretty Princess Penthouse

Pretty Princess Penthouse

If you were a princess, where would you want to live? Probably in this gorgeous Bond Street apartment by Carolina George! It’s sweet as candy and lovely to look at. It’s livable in a taciturn kind of way. It’s cozy but aloof, inviting but cautionary; it’s pretty and beautiful simultaneously. It’s beautifully balanced and imperial in every since of the word, it’s for the pampered.

Though the apartment colors are based on a black and white palette, it works perfectly with the feminine décor. White washed walls are starkly bright while the furnishings are imbued with glistening gold and silver. The large mirror with the ornate frame is simply eye-catching. It seems more like a throne, while the built-in bookshelf lends a touch of simplicity. Classic Roman shades filter the natural light and complements the cozy furnishings situated in the middle of the room.

In some areas, this apartment takes interesting twists and turns. For example, on the other side of the main sitting area is a set of acrylic chairs, with open backs similar to a woman’s halter-top. An elegant rectangle table with gold trim is the centerpiece all beneath a set of upper floor arched openings. The huge space then turns to a stunning kitchen with hints of brass, shining tiles, and cushioned seating. All taking on a more masculine energy. Yet the mystery deepens.

Out of nowhere, a room with soft furnishings, rich blue tones, with hints of rustic-orange and other deep hues gives the apartment a cozy feeling. A neutral tinted natural fiber accent rug with a wooden accent chair in a dramatic lapis blue, makes you forget about the other parts of the home. It’s a different world! The blue wallpaper tinseled with a laurel wreath design is totally unexpected with the rest of the home’s décor, but it worst marvelously!

The bedroom brings us back to the ambiance of the rest of the home with majestic furnishings, regal light grey walls, and a rich mauve-pink backboard and accent chairs. It’s a simple bedroom with a warm, relaxing ambiance. It’s practical while remaining distinctive and fascinating at the same time.

The entire space of this home has one thing in common, magnificence. Each piece is carefully situated in each room. This home is truly lovely. Everything is functional and fits together flawlessly. It’s all designed with a cherry feel coupled with sophisticated taste. It’s a home for a professional on the go who also enjoys entertaining. They want a home to come to that is welcoming, meticulous, and breathtaking. This home pulls it off wonderfully with aplomb!

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    Kirsten Burnett

    wow there is such a mix of design traits here. I absolutely love it it. I have been looking around for some sort of inspiration to redesign parts of my own house. I’m serisosly gonna have to re think about my own tastes…thanks

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