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Pretty in Pink

pastel interior design

Because pastel shades have their own unique energy, the ambiance of this dwelling is bursting with positivity topped with a mix of vivid hues and oodles of space. Nowadays, pastels have become a mainstay. It’s not really a comeback, it’s a come-up in the world of interior design, and this home hits all the right pastel buttons.

Let’s begin with the bright bedroom décor. The downy chenille bedspread elicits a timeless aesthetic, while the feminine furnishings and accents produce a demure ambiance. The salmon pink color scheme is luscious and saccharine. Though the design is elegant, the color scheme creates a fun and interesting setting. Long sheer drapes create a dramatic look while the long-haired faux fur rug and the accent rug beneath the bed add texture and additional warmth. Additional accent pieces like the soft hued watercolor wall art, eccentric hanging lamp, and light wood accouterments add to the soothing vibe of the room.

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Nothing beats a grand entryway decked-out with vivid hues, striking wallpaper, and glistening tiled floors. It’s similar to a playhouse with plenty of fun flavors like striped candy canes, polka-dot gumballs, and delicious vanilla ice cream. It’s sweet, dainty, and practical. The exterior hot-pink door is well, groovy.

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Standalone clawfoot bathtubs are viewed as a novelty today. Nonetheless, they have a lengthy history in bathroom design. This distinctive bathtub is identified by the four-feet that supports it. It was only affordable by the wealthy during its emergence as there was no indoor plumbing during that period and the tub had to be manually filled with buckets. Only the most affluent had the finances to pay for workers or bathtubs.

The clawfoot bathtub in this home is a fantastic replica of the real thing. The stark white color is classic. Complemented by long roseate colored drapes, a unique chandelier balanced with gold accents against a white background is impressive. Double sinks with marble tops graced by bronze and gold accents are splendid.

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Additional areas of the home include a cool kid’s bedroom with divergent shades and textures filled with enjoyment for a very young resident. The adult bedroom takes on a different color scheme with warm buttery shades together with woven furnishings and bohemian styled coverings. The dining and kitchen areas are wonderfully designed and beautified with a blanched setting balanced by cotton-candy shades like mint-green and light parquet flooring. Modernistic furnishings add a subtle touch of pizzazz. The living room area leans toward deeper hues; however, the tone is very much within the pastel theme that radiates throughout the home. A healthy blend of flora, natural fabrics, working space, and animal print accent rugs, fuse into a distinctive setting with splashes of surprise accents. Pastel colors can be engaging and beatific and this home illustrates this fact flawlessly! Whether utilizing light hues with pristine white as a backdrop or filling your space with a splash of candy colored walls, you can’t go wrong with a pastel interior.

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