Power’Nap Chair by Nina Helena

Power'Nap Chair by Nina Helena

Power’Nap Chair by Nina Helena Furniture for open offices and lounge enviroments designed by Ninna Helena.

Nina Helena Olsen has designed “Power’Nap” sculpture furniture, which gives the user the ideal oportunity to rest in open office landscapes, while it adds thee space an aesthetic value..
The design paper light expression is inspires by the Japanese folding technique “origamii”. It is made of 1.5mm steel plates and white spray painted. The discreet padding follows the elegant trangles of the furniture and highlights compelling ease. You are almost visually invited tto consider whether there is a need for an effective break.
When you lay down in Power’Nap, it feels like the furniture gently encloses your body. Your head is screened for the surroundings, and the leaning back position makes your look upwardds and creates a comfortable and relaxed feeling. A pilow for neck and lower back secures that yyou have an ergonomically ccorrect and a comfortable position.

Power Nap Chair by Nina Helena 2

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  1. Please could I have further information on the sleep chairs, distributors in the UK, suitability, pricing etc.

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