Picture-Perfect Historic Long Island Home

Historic Long Island Home

How do you convert a tiny beach house built in 1706 into a functional, friendly abode that is homely enough for a four-year-old? Interior designer Jennifer Vaughn Miller must have grappled with the very same question a number of times while remodeling her now picture-perfect historic home in Long Island.

If you see the results though, you would know immediately that she chose a lot more of functionality as opposed to form. The two-bedroom saltbox house beach house located in North Fork exhibits some quirks, like the tilted floors and low ceilings as well as character. Yes, the house has exposed beams and signs of shingles, a sign that it passes for an authentic beach house.

Perhaps of more interest however, is the transformation Jennifer created in the house’s interior segments. It now is awash in whites, pale grays and other hues closely associated with this color theme. To get here, she stripped the walls of any sign of wood and painted these light hues she preferred.

The combination of dark gray grout and subway tiles on the upstairs bathroom really stand out, as does the painted floors in the other rooms of the house. The kitchen too, gleams with contemporary hardware and affordable butcher block taking center stage in the countertops.

Perhaps of more interest, are the individual décor pieces that now are permanent fixtures of this stylish kitchen. The faux-granite countertops laid on the maple cabinets, large pendant lampshade and the amazing four-burner cooker all complete a look of an exquisite cooking area.

The living room of this house clearly is the soul of this home and, the white sofa; charms of the leather sibling chairs and the comfortably tufted ottoman all lend credence to this. It is slightly disturbing that this space has more than just a hint of masculinity especially considering that the household is more feminine.

This probably is the gist Jennifer thought of creating especially considering that her gallery wall filled with vintage nautical paintings on heighten this notion of masculinity.

The dining room is a subtle exhibition of Jennifer’s talent in interior décor. This space displays various styles, all delicately blended to form great harmony. The Sputnik chandelier crafted from midcentury glass for instance, blends rather awkwardly with industrial dining set and the neon light fixture yet; the result is still an attractive dining space.

The beams and ancient woodwork in both bedrooms and the contrasting white paints on the walls give the spaces a roomier feel. Though the rooms are not structurally as large, the magical space outdoors more than makes up for the constriction indoors. In all, it is a beautiful home with even majestic outdoor space.

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