Perfectly Designed Loft

 Perfectly Designed Loft

Smooth and rough textures, contemporary and vintage styles are at play in this perfectly designed loft by Rodrigo V. Silva. Brick walls surround the reasonably ample space made to look a lot more spacious with the organization of massive built-in shelves and cabinetry.
Centered within framed works of art in varied sizes is the glass door entrance. A gush of warm welcome greets you with the roomy couch set on an adorable rug over wood flooring. Natural light creates an inviting ambiance as it passes through huge black windows and touches the long dining table. The chairs are a stylish mix of a wooden bench on one side while a few dining seats are tucked on the other.  Perfectly Designed Loft 2  Perfectly Designed Loft 3  Perfectly Designed Loft 4

The elegant combination of black and white and lustrous countertops grace the kitchen area, where hanging lamps from the towering ceiling and lighting fixtures altogether feature a modern take. Interestingly, wall accents like the antique clock and large wooden chalkboard give a rustic feel that complements the entire theme.

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