Paula Martins’ Cult Decor

Paula Martins' Cult Decor

Intelligent and detailed with a modern sense of style, the interior of this apartment reflects designer Paula Martin’s personality. She has worked every stage of her home for seven months, keeping the 325 square-meter property intact while adding various elements with precision.

Being married to an extremely intellectual husband, she had the library as a priority. The room is a remarkable area, now her husband’s favorite place, with a towering shelf of books accessible by a staircase in a balcony style setting. Found right below is a wall-mounted television set amidst a black wall personalized with wall hangings, decor, and more books. A unique grey chair and comfy white couch rests across a full glass wall, allowing natural light to pass through while a crystal chandelier family heirloom hangs low with sheer elegance. Everything within the surrounding creates the perfect ambiance to read a good book.

The double-height spacious environments were crafted from three materials that blend perfectly together- tecnocimento or technological cement ash covering the floors, ceiling, halls, library, terrace, dining and living rooms, wood in black-colored lattice or solid wood tone, combined with classy white. The palette of colors create a “camera obscura” look to any guest who enters the place. Plenty of light brightens up the home and a glimpse of the terrace wraps you around in nature with tree fronds planted on large white vases.

A massive-sized closet lines the wall and occupying the full length of what can almost be another room, situated between the master bedroom and bathroom-dressing room. It’s illuminated by a wall of mirrors and the only place within the home where an explosion of colors are seen, from clothes to shoes and scarves. Her dresser has a white marble bench where her day-to-day essentials like makeup and beauty accessories are set upon, displaying practicality in today’s modern lifestyle.

Centered in the dining area is a long wooden table with matching black chairs, while the lamps also exhibit the brilliance of black. A chair arriving in the color of wood breaks the black and white tone, only to complement the setting with contemporary style that makes its own statement. Upon entering the bedroom, you’ll be greeted with pristine white walls and luxurious sheets possessing the same nice and clean setting that’s pleasing to the eye. A sleek and tall black desk lamp rests on the side table, while huge clack and white classic frames on the headboard.

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