Wainscoting Meets Modern Design

Parisian Apartment VI

You have probably observed wood paneling in various homes. Known as wainscoting, this décor adds a distinctive charm to a room and instant personality to boot. It protects surfaces while maintaining a majestic beauty that is not attainable by most wall implementations.

Lifted panels are the most traditional wainscoting style. This attractive wall effect goes back to colonial times. The decorative raise is accomplished by beveling the borders of the panel, which is normally within a certain measurement. However, this beautiful design can be modified for higher or lower ceiling spaces. This is usually done by adding a middle-rail to produce two-rows of panels. As you can see from this magnificent Paris home, the effect is fabulous.

What’s so unusual about this home’s wainscoting design by Gérard Faivre Paris, are the modernistic mural panels. The combination of a traditional wall design together with contemporary displays is a unique combination. There is a 60s flair to the entire setup. The half-moon accent rug, mural panels that move, and the suspended bulb chandelier, create the neo look that instantly captures the eye.

The traditional style décor continues in the elegant sitting room together with a fireplace. A soft plush short piled accent rug brings the entire look together. The furnishings are subtle yet modernistic. The ambiance is quiet, restful, and easy. It’s superbly elegant and casual simultaneously. Wainscoting makes a prominent appearance in this room. It’s wonderfully displayed as this type of wall design is at its best in white. The multi-hued glass chandelier is amazing. It adds another dimension of modernism in an otherwise traditional setting. In fact, the sofa and accent chairs are a contemporary twist on an antique style design. They instill a slight Louie XV modesty, but dares to come into the 21st century with rounded corners and distinctive fabrics.

What’s more, the herringbone wooden floor are slightly displayed throughout the home. Though the floors are covered with magnificent floor coverings, there’s just enough that peeks through to display the unique character of this stunning floor design. It is well preserved as well, which adds to the already flawless execution this home’s wonderment.

Parisian Apartment VI 2 Parisian Apartment VI 3 Parisian Apartment VI 4

Parisian apartment VI 15 Parisian apartment VI 16

Parisian apartment VI 12 Parisian apartment VI 13

The bedroom continues with the contemporary, yet traditional trend that resonates throughout the residence. The primary beige and white décor, opens up the space beautifully as it flawlessly flows into the washroom area. Giant floor tiles combined with mosaic tiles, accent wall lamps, and unusual styled bathtub and sinks, places this washroom décor a cut above the traditional bathroom layout.

Parisian apartment VI 14 Parisian Apartment VI 5 Parisian Apartment VI 6 Parisian Apartment VI 7 Parisian Apartment VI 8 Parisian Apartment VI 9 Parisian Apartment VI 10

This lovely abode is a show place and residence combined. The décor takes you to the farthest places of one-of-a-kind interior design without being garish and tasteless. It’s beautifully arranged and superbly inviting.

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