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New Nordic Home With Simplicity Comfort and Clean Lines

Nordic homes possess a clean, sharpened style, which concentrates around warm functionality, clear lines, superior craftsmanship, and prominent but unobtrusive elegance. This method of interior design very quickly conquered the global market, ennobled the value system of different cultures, and in almost every modern household, introduced the pragmatic spirit of the northern countries.

With its focus on simplicity, minimalism, and functionality, the design movement was founded in the 1950s. The best thing about Nordic design is that almost anyone can bring some of this classic look into their household. It is quite certain that you can always find inspiration to integrate these elements into your interior style.

Natural elements, simplicity, comfort, and clean lines are the basic features of one of the most important trends in the interior design of the 20th century. It is precisely these qualities that each of us loves to see in our home have guaranteed this style an everlasting beauty that resists all recent trends.

Here we have a living space designed by Hanne Gathe, that exudes Nordic elegance and a somewhat atypical dark background. The walls are painted in different shades of gray. This, seemingly, the gloomy choice is brightened up by various pieces of art as well as details like a sumptuous chandelier. The apartment has high ceilings and large rooms that make the dark tone of the walls fit perfectly into space. For enough light, there are large windows in each room.

The kitchen, living room, bedroom, and hallways are dominated by wood – from floor coverings to furniture. The bathroom is, as expected, slightly different – it has a marble floor and shower cabin. The color of the walls is brighter due to the smaller space. Probably the most interesting thing is the bathroom entrance – it is in the middle of a huge transparent glass wall.

This apartment is an example of simplicity and elegance, but also interesting and inspiring interior.

Melina Divani

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