Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting

Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting

This handsome home designed by Erin Martin, has an all naturally organic look and feel that works beautifully! There’s even a hint of Native American décor fueled with unfinished grained wood that creates a striking natural, eco-friendly environment. All natural looks work and can be used with any combination from uniquely designed tables to decorative accents. The layout of this home with natural elements makes the modern interior appear exclusive and extremely personal.

While instilling natural finishes in interior design is not something new, the idea of introducing nature into every room is. Organic bedding and furnishings adorned with distressed metal and rich brownish-beige hues makes this home as infinitely enchanting and intriguing as the outdoors.

Something else that makes this home so distinctive is its monochromic theme. It shadily plays on passions while leaving a pure untainted image. The designer has taken strong materials like leather, usually used for less functional purposes, and created a striking table with a matchless carved motif on the surface, while using stupendously jaggedly stacked stone for support. Moreover, the bathroom wall is lined with textured tiles that give the appearance of leather together with powerful depictions of nature. The head of a ram, a mirror suspended by a natural cord, and foliage strategically placed in a stone vase resembles an environment of a modernized cabin mores so than a home in a municipality.

The style and décor is a reminder to why we love nature so much. We have an intrinsic link to the outdoors and to natural elements such as wood, leather, organic materials like linen and cotton, and various metals like iron. To bring them altogether in the way this home has been furnished, takes more than searching for unique pieces. It takes an intuitive understanding of beauty, nature, and substance, to comprehend how they all can be brought together to produce a welcoming yet eccentric environ like this one.

In fact, for most homeowners, wood is one of the only substances that can be finished to appear glossy or left-raw and unstained to reveal striking imperfections as the interior of this home portrays so well.

Plush furnishings soften the atmosphere of this wood inspired home with various contemporary accents like recessed lighting. Paned windows encircle the living room area with heavy curtains ready to offer privacy and contentment. It’s a minimalist setting created for the utmost in comfort. Even the sphere shaped metal hanging leather seated chair portrays a sense of comfort and relaxation that’s usually hard to pull-off in such nominal settings. If you have been looking for inspiration of ways to bring the outdoors into the inside of your home, the interior of this dwelling is the perfect place to start! Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting 2 Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting 3 Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting 4 Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting 5 Natural Comfort in a Modern Setting 6

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