Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by Tetran

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran

Multi-functional furniture designs by Tetran that make the greatest use of any size space. Tight spaces become just right spaces with scalable multi-functional furniture designs that make the greatest use of any size space. Whether it is a dorm room, a studio apartment, loft living, or any other circumstance where space is at a premium, these multi-functional furniture designs do double, triple, and quadruple duty.

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran3

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran2

Create custom work spaces that maximize your productivity by forming to your body’s unique ergonomics, and perfectly accommodating all of your dual displays, printers, faxes, scanners, iPad docks, charging stations, speakers, lights and lamps, binders and books, and anything else you may require within arms reach to be the master of efficiency that you are.

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran5

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran4

Stunning sofas, creative chairs, luxurious lounges, and never-before-seen seating designs that will accommodate any size party. Whether it is a quiet night in with a movie, an intimate gathering of close friends, or a formal gala, create and recreate your social living spaces for any event.

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran6

Beautiful bedroom designs that combine soft serenity with innovative styles that can be changed with your bedsheets. Simple swapping of Tx_Panels allows you to change colors and textures at the drop of a pillow for a bedroom that never loses interest and excitement.

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran7

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