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Modest Modernism home interior design

Modern interior design requires an astute eye for detail. Each piece is strategically placed to merge with every component of the space. With modern furnishings, the concept is not deliberate matching of textures, patterns, and hues. It’s an ambiance, a feeling, a vision that goes beyond the physical appearance of the room. In most instances, the unifying apparition is one primary shade. For example, in this contemporary home, white is the dominant shade that binds the entire décor. Once the main hue is identified, anything goes. Though this home is on the more conservative side of modernistic décor, it is still distinctive and individualistic.

It’s the holiday season in this lovely home, but you won’t see the typical red and green Christmas accessories. White and silver are the main decorations utilized to emulate the holiday spirit. Candles also add to the overall spirit of the setting.

Modest Modernism home interior design 2

In the living room, white chair coverings on the sofa and accent chairs unite the entire room. Easy accent pillows play with several colors alternating between stark dark hues and brilliant bright. Subtle pillow patterns add another dimension to the sofa’s appeal. A Chesterfield designed ottoman is the perfect accessory as it adds the comfort factor to an otherwise stoic space. Hints of a mild topaz blue shade creates depth and enhances the otherwise muted atmosphere.

Modest Modernism home interior design 3

The rich topaz blue shade transcends beautifully into the marble coffee table topped with vases and clear crystal accessories. The effect is modest yet effective.

Modest Modernism home interior design 4

The trend today with interior decoration is to flawlessly bring exterior design into the interior atmosphere. The dining area executes this concept meticulously. Bamboo type chairs adorned with plush cushions for comfort creates a unique dining experience. A pale wooden table with metal legs, gorgeous earth pottery, a shabby chic storage closet, simple suspended lamps, and an ornate mirror resting on the floor, completes the entire makeup of the space. It’s laid back but structured, precise, and fresh. The highlighted wall painted in the deep rich topaz blue accent shade is rich and electric simultaneously.

Modest Modernism home interior design 5 Modest Modernism home interior design 6

The black and white diamond accent wall is magnificent. White candles, loosely placed matching tiles and other effects, unveil the genuine ease and quiet attractiveness while remaining amorphous. Cupboards are purposely lined with tattered containers filled with eating utensils and maintains the down-to-earth ambiance.

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The overall theme of the home continues into the bedroom and bathroom area. The décor in both areas take on a greyish tone, yet this modest change complements the rest of the home’s interior decor. The subtlety of this home’s appearance is strikingly soft, but has its own dimensions. It’s dynamic yet non-offending. It’s the idea place to take it easy in style.

Images: Bolig

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