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Modernistic Design

Modernistic Design

Spacious living creates a wonderfully open environment that emits beauty and generosity. This home certainly manages to emulate everything that is magnificent about great spaces decorated with fine furnishings. It starts with the exterior of the home with its many French and rooftop windows.

Inside are all white walls and ceilings leaving a blank canvas for one to create whatever ambiance they desire. The modernistic, chic appeal of the setting in this home is very harmonious. There’s a sense of Feng-Shui in the way the furnishings are arranged around the space. The minimalist design is created for comfort with a soft cushioned sofa and large pillow for laidback relaxation. The contemporary appeal in the living room is enhanced by a “Charpoy,” a traditional Indian bed made from woven rope. It adds a naturalness and earthiness to the whole environment.

Inimitable furniture pieces are what make this home so unique. A wooden crate is used as a stand for a large wooden piece that serves as a sofa table. Two sculptures are all that is needed to complete the look. In fact, it’s beautiful the way the décor in this home has stayed “down to earth,” while remaining distinctive. For example, the dining area table is created from the same type of natural wood as the sofa table. The chairs are also natural wood with woven basket weave backs. The neutral color complements the natural wood floor, and the teal blue suspended lamp adds the right amount of contrasting color.

In some ways, the kitchen exudes a more country, rustic ambiance. Though it is still fits in with the rest of the home’s décor. Bits of molding and wainscoting are apparent in the wood cabinets and other storage areas taking the whole traditional yet modernistic look into another genre.

The bedroom continues with the natural look by adding a platform made from natural wood along with a multi-hued bed covering designed from natural fibers. The concept is relaxing and serene. It’s a non-fussy bedroom environment with lovely minimal décor that really works.

Bathrooms are one of the busiest areas in the home. This home easily takes care of that with ample storage space created with woven baskets. The rectangular shaped two-faucet washbasin with additional storage underneath is an easy way to keep a bathroom like this tidy and spacious.

This home is simply a perfect example of beauty at its finest. Easy furnishings, plenty of space, and neutral shades create the perfect ambiance for staying home and watching a good movie, or entertaining guest. It’s a flexible living space that works!

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