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A Modern Queen Anne Victorian Dream Home

If you’ve ever wanted to see a great example of how an older Victorian home can be designed for the modern age, check this house out.

Built in 1895, this Queen Anne Victorian home stood to benefit from modernization. This San Franciscan abode was purchased by couple Lara and Greg Caimi for their family. The home’s exterior looks like many others in this city, but the interior of this modern victorian home is truly luxurious.

The couple along with Lauren Nelson Design chose to keep the original heritage features that contributed so strongly to the house’s identity. They took chances and updated a lot while still retaining those defining details. Art, furniture, fixtures, accessories, decor, features, and more all helped to update this home’s interior design.

Modern Victorian House Inside

The living room plays host to rich color, with the dark blue of the sofa and curtains anchoring the room and providing contrast to the lighter fireplace and walls. Art and a piano along with black chairs, table, and wall lighting heavy out the lightness of the white walls and lighter rug on the floor.

In the television room, light and dark tones also harmonize. Two light gray sofas and two caramel-colored leather chairs provide seating in front of a flatscreen, accompanied by wooden shelving above it and wooden storage cabinets below. A light gray graph-patterned rug over the wooden flooring and unique black overhead lighting and floor tables tie the room together.

The front foyer displays much of the classic architecture of this home, updated with a cool gray paint. Door hardware, trims, and molding of the home was retained as much as possible while incorporating new finishes and adding to the decor. A view into a side room reveals the carefully chosen modern victorian home decor. A blue painting sits above a white sofa and patterned floor rug with a unique lamp hanging from the ceiling. Sleek gray trim frames the space through the doorway.

The dining room goes dramatic with a smooth wooden table, dark chairs, an eccentric lamp, and dark green hanging curtains, and large windows that let in light. The kitchen is delightful, with austere gray and blue cabinets complimenting a gray and white marble backsplash and caramel-toned chairs and oven and stove hardware. The bar seating area continues the trend, with navy cabinets amid sleek white-and-gray marble counters and copper-bar accented shelving, and stylish hanging white globe lamps.

Modern Victorian House Exterior

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