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Modern Minimalism At Its Finest

Modern Minimalism interior design

For the modern fellow who enjoys a minimalist lifestyle while appreciating modern sleekness, this is an utter dream house. Complete with wooden floors, cozy nooks and a beautiful kitchen, this place is best suited for those who can only find elegance in simplicity.

On the first floor, we find a stunningly beautiful kitchen, one bedroom (another can be found upstairs), dining area, bathroom, and even a secluded office space. Red wooden flooring keeps the space looking relaxed and clean, while the abundant use of lights and white allow for sharp angles and edges such as those of the kitchen counter and slanted wall to become mere artistic touches. For the cooking aficionado, this house provides a kitchen fantasy—wooden counters contrast the white cabinets and furniture, while the latest in cooking appliances are in a sleek silver. The kitchen is nestled away from open space, allowing the more social areas such as the dining space have all the attention it needs. Some pieces of furniture such as the tables near the counter and the dining table have dark-colored legs, which allows for accenting to be natural. Yet undeniably, the star of the show is the use of glass flooring for the upstairs, as it makes the lower rooms to appear larger in a modernistic fashion. The combination of wood, glass and steel for the staircase could not be suited any better for this house.

On the second floor, it only gets better—an angled roof slants the windows to flood the entire floor with light, while the use of white continues to be extensive. The clear glass panels strategically looking over the area around the kitchen. Rich, wooden flooring also offers intimacy, so that one can enjoy some peace and quiet on the couch.
The bedroom carefully discards the modern elements of the other rooms and instead uses tints of beige, light brown and tan to provide a space of comfort. The use of only glass doors here may be somewhat disconcerting to some, but it unarguably allows the composition of the entire upper floor to be elegant and spacious.

All in all, this house provides nothing short of style without having to compromise practicality. Luminous during the day and elegant at night, it boasts of being able to blend multiple elements together to concoct perfection.

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