Modern Meets Antique

Modern Antique Apartment

The axiom “less is more” has never been so well demonstrated than in this minimally furnished yet intimate home by Minimal Architects. Every piece has a specific purpose, there’s little room for gratuitous decorating.
Through life, we accrue many things. Everything from clothing to souvenirs is hoarded and it all has to go somewhere! Nevertheless, if you think about it, hoarding has never been a plus when it comes to stylishly decorating a home. The tasteful solution is somewhere along the lines of this vintage yet modern residence. For example, in the kitchen an old-time styled island is eye-catching while the surrounding appliances resonate a steel-grey uber modern look. A white brick wall backsplash and antiquated styled armoire collaborate to enhance the vintage-modern appeal of the space.

The living room is decked out in a grey monotone. The open space plan links the area with the kitchen, creating a stunning combination of simple comfort and if one desire’s, an entertainment area for good dining.

Beautifying a room with various furniture styles, shades, and patterns is fashionable and appealing; however, there’s nothing wrong with detouring and doing your own thing! That’s exactly what’s happening in this residence. Check out how the various dimensions of style and taste flow from one room to another. Everything is one room even though separated by a wall.

The bedroom stands on its own. Everything is there and at the same time, nothing is there. The trick is the added texture of the faux-fur rug. It adds a certain type of depth and warmth to the room. You could definitely find yourself having a good night’s sleep without any problem.

The bathroom is a wonder in itself. Flat, smooth, and practical, this very much-used room of the home is grandly designed, yet, it’s not immediately obvious. It’s the subtle things that catch your eye like the beautiful oval wood framed antique mirror that complements the Louie XV styled known as rococo or rocaille. This type of style requires extensive craftsmanship; however, the effect is stunning.

Eclectic is a well-liked term used in interior design phraseology. It basically specifies décor that is comprised of heterogeneous components incorporating a fusion of colors, trends, styles, textures, and eras. Nevertheless, the décor of this residence has managed to pull-off a heterogeneous scheme without the use of much color, texture, or patterns. The essence of time has managed to bring the whole look of this abode into balance. It’s quiet yet wholesome, it’s laid back but interesting, it’s modern yet vintage. It’s everything you could want in a cool residence with plenty of style and panache.

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