Modern Luxury Homes by Ashe Leandro

Founded in 2008, Ashe Leandro is a brand that was invented by Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro to provide modern luxury homes with unique interior design. Ariel Ashe was born in New Mexico and proceeded to join NYU to study design. Ariel initially worked in television but started curving out a niche in interior design. Born in Venezuela, Reinaldo Leandro migrated to the US in order to take a master in architecture at the prestigious Columbia university.

Ashe Leandro’s interior design style

Ashe Leandro follows a thematic narrative that is based on certain elements such as culture and art. The company draws lessons and inspirations from past experiences, eg drawings about colonial system, and at the same time, looks into the future. Ashe Leandro is pursues both historical and contemporary designs.

Ashe Leandro brand offers a plethora of modern luxury interior design products and

services. It collaborates with the customers in order to come up with a final product that is unique. Whereas the projects follow instinct, there is a very clear vision on the direction that the project should take.

With services spanning across the global, Ashe Leandro uses a relaxed interior design method where textures and natural materials are blended and refined and curated spaces are made. The couple has been collecting art work from all over the world. The couple are particularly interest with cities which appreciate history and culture, Rome for instance.

The brand does not serve residential homes only. Rather, it extends its services to commercial buildings and public places. The couple is particularly concerned about the children. They realize how critical interior design can contribute to the children’s growth and development, and how it can be used to enhance entertaining home features to the kids through the use of appealing colors.

The couples most memorable experience is decorating a house in London. Over the course of their interior design work, the couple has accumulated a wide array of clients including celebrities such as Seth Meyers and Kristen Bell. The couple is working towards having a firm client base.


In order to attain a competitive edge in the future, companies must seek to expand and diversify. Ashe Leandro is already starting new products and services in lighting, home accessories, and furniture. In order to keep up with the needed creativity and the need to come up with new projects, the couple travels a lot. If the current observations are anything to go by, the company is going to achieve tremendous growth and expansion.

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