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Modern Home With A Family Feel

Modern Home With A Family Feel

The bare essentials are arranged beautifully in this laid back modern home. It radiates a family ambiance with exquisite style and taste. Elegantly designed both inside and out, this residence is the epitome of practicality mixed with fine furnishings and accents complemented by a neutral theme.
The rooms are expansive with long hanging folded drapes, transfixed to resemble the beauty of ancient times in a modern day setting. Quality pieces are what make this home so beautifully subtle but impressive. Furniture, as with any home decor theme, creates the foundation for any room. Chaise lounge styled sofas coupled with sofas large enough to seat five, is a wonderful way to blend a family furnished home with individuality. Accent pieces are modern and delicate, but skillfully placed as to avoid breakage.

If you were looking for a word to describe what modern home décor would be, it is simplicity. Naturally, simple does not mean boring. Contemporary décor with its clean lines and neutral palette, as in this home, is anything but boring. Instead, this modernly designed home is warm, inviting, and completely stylish in every room. For example, the bedroom is majestic and continues the beautifully broad beamed wooden floors to create a comfy atmosphere for rest and sleep. The dresser, bed, and chair legs all incorporate a Chippendale design, including the library room desk legs. However, other furnishings are designed with more avant-garde flat legs and feet. The two diverse designs blend well and bring the entire décor together into one dynamic ambiance. Even the bathroom is elegantly refined. A crystal chandelier tops off what is a beautifully arranged area for one to feel clean in a spa like setting.

Another aspect that makes this home work so well is function. The simplicity and clean lines and minimal accents, highlights the esthetics and functionality of the space without taking away from its exquisiteness. For example, the kitchen is somewhat concealed behind a menagerie of handle-free cabinets, yet the kitchen area is completely functional. Moreover, the vast windows give a feeling of otherworldliness. The reality of the space is ambiguous. It’s as if one can touch the external while remaining inside protected by the architecturally structured walls.

Something that solidifies the concept that this home is designed for living is the library. Today, few homes take the time to invest in a library, but this home, despite its modernistic decor, has included a tradition that many homes favored for hundreds of years. Books of varying titles, colors, and dimensions, dark walls, and heavy drapes, reminds one of times gone by when libraries were a place for reading and reflection. This is a stately home that is designed with comfort and family in mind.

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