Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch

Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch

This dainty apartment by, is a modernized version and perfect example of an amiably designed living space, filled with exceptional pieces and effeminate charm.

This home décor incorporates curvilinear shapes, supple hues, and a reverence for asymmetry, thereby, creating a feminine appeal though it’s not necessarily gender-specific. It’s obvious that the ambiance and sinuous furnishings complement each other with a beautiful balance of muted shades and intense hues. For instance, the greyish tones in the living room are offset by a chartreuse colored accent table designed with an accordion pleat effect.

Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 2

The concrete-gray shag accent rug mellows the harder living room surfaces. In addition, the elegantly hanging floor to ceiling drapes, soft extended sofa, and eggshell colored cushiony hassock, support the already velvety soft ambiance. The tactile quality of the numerous textures are feminine qualities as well, without being overly dainty.

Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 3

While many may believe that using pink is the ultimate shade when adding a feminine appeal to an interior design concept, any soft quiescent tones can accomplish the identical effect. The pink refrigerator, toaster, and mixer are palpable in a witty way. The mauve cabinetry and black lacquer cabinets beneath the sleek countertop are superbly chic. The oak wood styled floors work perfectly with the entire kitchen concept. The small eating table and chairs add a cosmic type setting to the overall layout.

Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 4

Playful juxtapositions adorn the corridor area with interesting striking chords of scarlet-red to variations of crimson-red shades. Colors and patterns are paired to create a unique union of pleasing aesthetics.

Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 5

Burnished salmon-pink embraces the bedroom in an appetizing setting with ultra-modern lighting, artwork, and accessories. It’s a simple impressive look designed around comfort and practicality.

Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 6 Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 7 Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 8 Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 9 Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 10 Modern Decor With A Feminine Touch 11

This entire apartment is magnificent, subtle, and cozy. Even the neon lighting, with its bright illuminating properties, complements the overall theme. It’s pieces like this that would be a blaring distraction in another interior décor, yet it manages to remain a backdrop to the underlying appeal of this lovely residence. From muted shades to random contours of varying styles of furnishings, it’s apparent that good taste is a key component.

One of the most notable abstract features in this home’s décor is the huge cow as a centerpiece. Moreover, the intense pink game table next to the violet console is fun, energetic, and vivid. It’s an inspirational nook. The colors fuse perfectly with the overall theme of the décor. The apartment style is easy, well proportioned in color, style, and texture. It’s easy on the eye, but remains intriguing and inspirational making it the ideal home for good fun and relaxation.

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