Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen

Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen Kitchen Sublimated into Work of Art

As a kitchen manufacturer strenuously seeking interior artistry, Toyo Kitchen & Living Co., Ltd. proudly provides the answer to the demand for new values in kitchen design: the new “Linear” model in the ISOLA series. The kitchen introduces a cantilever structure*1 in its form to emphasize its beautiful configuration, while also featuring high decorativeness as represented by Venetian glass mosaics from Italy, as well as etchings. “Linear” is a model worthy of being called an interior objet d’art, its artistic beauty transforming the idea of interior by transcending the bounds of the simultaneous pursuit of function and design.

Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 1 Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 2

Core” is born as a full-function kitchen as a living space

CORE is based on the new concept “to live in the kitchen”. As the result of our pursuit of “what comfortable living space is”, we propose here a bold space for daily life consisted only of a kitchen. It is the birth of a kitchen viewed as a space for a whole life combining all sorts of living functions such as “to cook”, “to eat”, “to relax”, etc. Its design resulted from our quest for comfort and expresses floating feeling. It will realize an unprecedented comfort in your lifestyle.

Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 3 Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 4 Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 5

Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 6

INO Leone was developed as an evolved kitchen style, based on the kitchen-centered lifestyle concept of “Living in your kitchen” proposed by Toyo Kitchen & Living. Leone is truly an objet d’art that redesigns the entire space. Different angles reveal different expressions of this beautiful work, which was created through cutting-edge technology and careful attention to every detail. The exquisitely balanced T-shape form is unique and unprecedented, and the decorative emblem adds a sense of luxury to the simplicity of the kitchen. It is more than a kitchen or a fixture; it is interior art that brings true richness to your living space.

Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 7Beauty in the Essence of Materials

Pursuing the beauty of interiors on the theme of the “Inhabitable Kitchen,” Toyo Kitchen has adopted “materials” as one of its key solutions. The ultimate material discovered by the company is gold leaf from Kanazawa. INO Premium Gold has been created by extracting the beauty of Kanazawa gold leafa fruit of traditional craftsmanship with the innate hue of goldand fusing it with kitchen functions. Serving not only as a pomp-filled expression but also as a representation of traditional Japanese culture, this material, infused with noble gracefulness, creates a supreme interior for those seeking something real and authentic.

Luxury Kitchens Design by Toyo Kitchen 8Kitchens adorned with Karim Rashid graphics

“Ornamentation is a modus operandi for communication” says Karim Rashid. He calls graphic designs created by digital technology “digipop” and applies them to a wide range of products. Embellished with graphics bursting with energy, the kitchens acquire the presence of pop art. Karim Rashid kitchens are available in the INO, CORE, and BAY series, in a limited quantity of 8 sets.

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