Quaint And Homely In The City

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character

This converted space has all the characteristics of a comfy bungalow chalet more so than a chic Paris flat, and there are a number of things that make this beautiful Paris apartment so warm and affable. The amiable environment comes down to personal touches like the accent wall embellished with personal photos encased in simple intimate frames. The concept creates a collage of homeliness and decorative flair.

Another component that gives this residence a personable tangibility is the positioning of healthy perennials strategically placed around the space. Merged with natural materials such as hardwood floors, leather furnishings, and natural fiber accent rugs, this quaint space is transformed into a real home that goes way beyond the average design of a city dwelling.

Natural light beams through the skylight installed on apartment’s high ceiling, which helps to open up the space, contributing to the homey ambiance.

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 8

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 8

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 7

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 9

Another noteworthy area is the living room space. The deeply rich engrained walnut table is enhanced by the ethnic designed accent rug. The floor covering’s flat design has a three dimensional effect. The rich colors are deep in essence especially combined with the dark wood walnut coffee table. Each piece handsomely complement each other in a subtle yet magnificent way. The accent rug is an impressive specimen of indigenous hues and shapes.

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 2

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 6

A grand collection of books complements the cozy and overall intimate theme of the décor. In fact, if you are searching for a way to add soft layers and homey touches, books are certainly one way to do it! Whether antique, au courant, paperback or hardcover, books are the simplest, cheapest, and easiest way to effectively showcase not only the physical beauty of a home, but the personality and intellectual interest of those who reside there.

These strategically placed books are an interesting focal point. The books themselves are similar to an art piece. Their appearance is intriguing and a grand statement that is a significant part of the overall décor.

Books grouped together in the same color always make a striking statement. This bookshelf of white books with black print and contrasting book covers of black and even leopard design, are a great talking point of interests counting the few magazines that grace the steps leading to the loft area.

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 4

Lovely Inviting Home interior with character 3

The apartment furnishings are straightforward with clean lines. Though the flat’s entire space is utilized, it doesn’t appear cluttered. Everything has a purpose, a reason for being there. It appears that the idea was not to simply fill-up the space, but to create a real home with individual style and understated allure.

Images: garance dore

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1 thought on “Quaint And Homely In The City”

  1. I love this design! It offers so much detail and personality without being overbearing. That’s not easy to achieve in such a small space, so kudos! You can tell this is for a youngish person who doesn’t have kids though. The magazines on the stairs make their statement but wouldn’t be safe for an elderly person or young children.

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