A Lovely Cottage Retreat

Lovely Cottage Retreat

“How charming,” are the words that describe this lovely, rustic styled cottage designed by Flik by Design. It’s full of fun, laughter, and type of comfy décor that makes anyone feel right at home. Colors are bouncy and vibrant, furnishings are retro-modern-eclectic styled together with multifarious accents that enhance the home’s overall appeal.

Rooms complement each other by mixing old and new furnishings creating a capricious vibe that’s inviting and fresh. The selected vibrant hues are coupled with unique pieces. Every bit of space is used lovingly to the minutest detail. Distinctive pieces can be found all over, filling up the space with a visual aspect that only great strides in creativity can manifest.

Lovely Cottage Retreat 2

The kitchen is outfitted with wooden beams, imitative of the original ceiling design. The contemporary designed island has a shabby-chic touch. The burnt-brown hard wood blends flawlessly. The mix of vintage design is combined with new perdurable surfaces. A grouping of dishes correlate with the stunning mint shade custom designed appliances. The color and appliance construction encompasses a retro look, a throwback to the 60s when originality with bursts of dynamic, vibrant color was the norm. The stand alone kitchen cabinet gives the space a homey feel. It looks like a fun place to cook, eat, and entertain.

Lovely Cottage Retreat 3

The furnishings are homey, but not mundane. It’s clear that the furnishings are designed for ultimate comfort. Even the leather semi-chaise lounge chair in the living room area, offers superior comfort as it naturally contours the body. It’s chic, sleek, au courant. The sofa is more traditional, but the two chairs complement each other beautifully. The multi-hued, distinctively patterned rug, brings the whole look together, while vintage accents and family reminders decorate the wall, cabinet, and other furnishings. The home has a magical personal touch to it.

Lovely Cottage Retreat 4 Lovely Cottage Retreat 5 Lovely Cottage Retreat 6 Lovely Cottage Retreat 7

The main bedroom is designed with refurbished wood panels creating a rustic background in a cozy, country style. Simple, traditional designed fabrics add to the traditional warm ambiance of the room. The elegant trimmed mirror and marble topped dresser are gorgeous. The wavy front of the dresser is a distinctive small feature, yet it is progressive and retro simultaneously. The distressed look of the furnishings along with the brightly hued shabby-chic styled door add a vibrancy yet subtle glamour to the room.

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cottage screened-in porch

A rustic style home would not be complete without a screened-in porch. This stylish porch combines a variety of furniture styles from comfy cushions to wickerwork. With the stunning surroundings of beauteous greenery, a calm lake, and plenty of fresh air, this lovely cottage is a perfect getaway. It’s a place where hearts meet around good food, nature, and comfort, to enjoy the delicacies of life.

Images: Donna Griffith © Copyright Style at Home

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