Loft with Industrial Elegance

Loft with Industrial Elegance

Lofts are considered real estate gems as they are hard to come by in a city as densely congested as New York. For those who are looking to convert their space into something that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, going for an industrial design is highly ideal. Lofts usually have a slightly cramped space, which is why it is necessary to hire an interior designer who does not only understand space saving but also how to incorporate style with convenience.

This particular loft has been designed by Design42 with the aesthetics of space saving in mind. Maximizing the loft’s vertical space is clever as it permits for such other things as a dedicated, albeit small dining area and a living room where one can entertain guests comfortably.

The kitchen has surprisingly gone beyond the bare minimum most people expect from lofts, as the prep table/breakfast nook is fairly spacious with still enough room for a full size modern fridge and oven.
Lighting is a very important factor when designing the interiors of a loft, and the designer picked just the right lighting fixtures for this one. Keeping true to the industrial feel of the space, the ceiling lights are decidedly metal with quite a utilitarian look. Still, the amount of light is sufficient enough to keep the place bright especially at night.

The wooden floors compliment the industrial look as it gives the place a homey feel. Many are skeptics when it comes to this type of design aesthetic, thinking that it can only come out as masculine or just plain cold. The hardwood floors lend a warmer feel, which is the perfect counterbalance to the primarily industrial effect.

Lofts need not feel claustrophobic at all, especially when you can create the illusion of open space. The window provides a more or less convincing effect of having access to open air. Most New Yorkers have given up on having an honest to goodness Southern exposure, but this does not mean you cannot aspire to it by installing a window that actually opens.

The bookshelves were intended to be practical as well as decorative as the books actually provide good contrast against the wall. Since space is very limited, the designer literally used every square inch of the house and made it work in more ways than one. Designing a loft requires not only decorative skills but also an intuitive understanding of how to make small spaces cozy and functional. Loft with Industrial Elegance 2 Loft with Industrial Elegance 3 Loft with Industrial Elegance 4

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