Kitchen Design Ideas With Retro Refrigerators That Steal The Show

retro kitchen design with orange refrigerator

Kitchen designs are gaining more and more attention from architects and interior designers. These great kitchen designs have a common striking point: the retro smeg refrigerators. The iconic Smeg coloured refrigerator range effortlessly combines good looks with high-performance technology. With beautiful bold finishes and soft round curves reminiscent of 1950s retro design, these fridges truly stand out from the crowd. 

retro kitchen with light blue refrigerator


retro kitchen with black refrigerator


modern retro kitchen design 4


modern retro kitchen design 5


modern retro kitchen design 6


modern retro kitchen design 7


modern retro kitchen design 8


modern retro kitchen design 9


Via radardecoracao

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1 thought on “Kitchen Design Ideas With Retro Refrigerators That Steal The Show”

  1. There is no appliance that makes me as happy as the orange Smeg refrigerator. It’s too cool.Architect St Petersburg

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