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Create A Stylish Walk-In Shower Easily

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Whether you have a bathtub or not, walk-in showers are a great idea. They fit right in with your bathroom ideas and décor and help other elements around the bathroom stand out. More and more people are going for these types of showers, actually. The reason is that they identify with the need for chic functionality and sophistication. The shower also offers an alternative to types that tend to eat up on space. Ultimately, your decision will depend on what you consider fitting for a shower. As well as what you have to work with. Whichever way, below are some walk-in shower ideas to kick around.

Having a beautiful bathroom is something that everyone wants. When it comes to shower design ideas there, are so many options to choose from that it can be somewhat overwhelming. Are you looking to create a stylish walk-in shower to be proud of? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to narrow down some walk-in shower ideas for you. We are going to show you how you can easily create your brand new, beautiful walk-in shower.

Image: Amber Interiors

walk in shower with black hexagon tiles gold fixture and glass black aluminium hunting enclosure

What Defines A Walk-in Shower?

Simply put, a walk-in shower is one which is level with the floor and does not have a step up into it, so you can simply walk in. These showers are often much more spacious than the tradition style and are a favourite choice when designing an up to date bathroom. These types of shower often feature screens or a surround much like a traditional shower, and can be designed in a variety of ways to make your individual and an expression of your personal style.

The walk-in shower is a lot safer to use since there are no steps involved and are therefore a good choice for anyone who has mobility problems or for children and elderly people.

bathroom with floral wallpaper and grey walk in shower tiles


black and white walk in shower with french munting glass black metal closure doors

Top 10 Walk-in Shower Designs

Walk-in showers have become ridiculously popular over recent years. And they are slowly taking over from the more traditional shower designs. Do you need inspiration on how to easily design a beautiful yet functional walk-in shower? Then take a look at some of these great tips.

glass walk in shower with gold accents

1 The Glass Walk-in Shower

One of the best ways to seamlessly incorporate a walk-in shower into your bathroom is to use a glass surround. This does not look bulky or cumbersome. Modern interior design is often light, sleek and easy to integrate with existing features. And glass is the perfect material to do this with. Not only that but using a glass enclosed shower will make the room appear much bigger. It also makes for easy cleaning.

Another advantage of a glass shower is that you can create a beautiful design within the glass which gives a truly stylish feel, perhaps consider creating a spa like environment in the shower, creating a focal point for the entire bathroom.

Glass is a great choice as a composition of walk-in showers. This is because it plays around with the idea of the existence of barriers or lack there of. It also gives your shower the idyllic look of spa without compromising on design. If you want a shower that really stands out, choose glass alongside plenty of light. Careful though! Do not forget to throw in numerous colors to gain that bright, open effect that is so timeless.

wet room walk in shower design idea

2 The Wet Room

If you like the idea of not being enclosed in whilst taking a shower then creating a wet room is a great way to achieve this. Open showers give you much more freedom and do not leave you cramped up in a small space. The difference with a wet room is that rather than having any panels to separate the shower area, the entire room is tiled and the floor is angled for water to go down an installed drain.

This is becoming more and more of a popular choice and is brilliant for those with a smaller bathroom which might not easily house an enclosed walk-in shower. We mentioned that glass showers are easy to clean, but this option is even more simple when it comes to keeping things clean and tidy.

grey stone spa like walk in shower design

3 The At-Home Spa

For those who want something a little more luxurious, why not consider creating a spa right within your own home. This can be achieved by using multiple shower heads, each of which might have a different pressure. If you want a shower that screams style then this is an excellent way of doing that as many of the most modern shower designs include more than one shower head.

To further add to the spa feel, you might select some natural coloured tiles and a wooden bench. Couple these with your favourite spa products. And just like that you can take some well earned time out without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Another option here would be to install a steam generator which gives you your very own steam room within your shower. If you are going to do this, it is vital to ensure that ventilation is excellent.

Luxury LED Light Stainless Steel Shower Head

4 The Illuminated Walk-in Shower Ideas

The traditional style of shower was simply a shower head, in a cubicle which served as a functional way to wash yourself. However, modern styles have shown us somethign different. That is the addition of lights that can make for a trendy and beautiful shower experience. There are shower heads which come installed with lights or you can add lighting above the shower itself. The options are endless with this one. Choose from an array of colours which alternate whilst the water is running or go for one colour.

Illuminating your shower doesn’t just have to be with artificial mood lighting. You might opt for natural light with the addition of a skylight. This is not only super stylish but also a refreshing feature for your early morning shower. If you do not want to go as far as installing as sky light, there is another option. You might place your walk-in shower next to a window.

walk in shower black and white tiles design idea

5 Shower Tiles

When creating a walk-in shower, one of the best ways to show off your style is to choose some unique and eye catching tiles. Tiled showers can bring a bathroom to life. And you really do have an endless list of choices. You might opt for one single colour or perhaps a mosaic design. Some people go for a patterned design. Something which can continue around the entire bathroom or only be used as a statement in the shower area. There are even tiles which can be placed together to make an image if you want a real conversation starter.

Using tiles along the wall of a glass panelled shower can turn the simplicity of the glass into something more complex and is a popular way to design a walk in shower.

nature inspired walk in shower with shower inside skylight

6 Let Nature Inspire You

Creating your walk-in shower can bring forth a lot of design ideas but there are not many which are as relaxing and beautiful as a nature inspired shower. For this, you should think about materials which come from nature such as woods and stones and keep to neutral colours. You might think about using a lot of greenery such as plants which can stand high levels of humidity, these can be hung from the ceiling in and around the shower or placed on shelves.

You can combine and contrast materials and tones to come up with a design which is unique to you. This is a great option which would work well with the at home spa theme that we discussed earlier on.

Image: Mantis Design + Build

Outside/Inside Shower

7 An Outside/Inside Shower

If you are fortunate enough to have an enclosed outdoor area next to your bathroom, why not consider putting in a full length glass door and having a an outside inside shower. Whilst this may be a more expensive option, it is certainly the epitome of style and can breathe new life into even the tiredest looking bathrooms.

white marble built walk in shower without door

8 Going Without The Door

Most homeowners are realizing that shower doors simply take up too much space, so they are going for the walk-in shower types without a door. With these, the invasivity of the environment you are in is controlled. In addition to that, you do not have to worry about huge frames or doors that swing on the inside, cramping your style even more. With this idea, you do not need to fret over maintenance, as all you might need is some wiping down from time to time. There are custom walk-in showers in the market at the moment, and these add to the features you can choose to go with. Whatever type o showerheads you will go for will determine what becomes of your shower from an aesthetic perspective.

Image: deeply southern home

pink marble walk in shower design idea

9 The Marble Shower

To create a sense of real luxury, you could use marble along the shower wall. This material can come in a whole range of hues such as white, giving a more pure and spacious feelings right the way through to black for a more luxurious air. Whilst it may be a little more pricey, it is important to purchase a high grade of marble when using in a shower as this will make it longer lasting and more resistant to the water.

simple light fray and white walk in shower design

10 Minimalist or OTT?

One important thing that you should take into consideration when designing your walk-in shower is whether you want to make a huge statement or whether you would prefer a more minimalist design. For some, the idea of rich and heavy materials which give a luxurious and impacting effect is the idea of heaven, whereas others might like simple white tiling and a glass panel. When we think about designing a stylish shower, there are many ways to do this but the most crucial thing is to keep your own style in mind, after all this is your home.

black and white bathroom walk in shower with built in seat

Black and white stylish bathroom walk in shower with built in seat by Michelle Dirkse Interior Design.

glass walk in shower with cement tiles

Glass walk in shower with cement tiles by Mindy Gayer Design Co..

black and white walk in-shower with built-in wall shelving and grey tile grout

Black and white bathroom design with walk in shower with built-in wall shelving and grey tile grout by  ESPACIO EN BLANCO.

green and black walk in shower with hand-cut tiles and gold fixtures

Beautiful green bathroom with hand-cut green tiles and gold fixtures.

Tile by Clé wraps a bath’s walls and floor; Waterworks showerhead; sconce by The Urban Electric Co.

Image: AD

A steel-framed glass door encloses the master suite's shower and tub

A steel-framed glass door encloses the master suite’s shower and tub in Jessica Alba’s Home in Los Angeles. Kallista shower and bath fittings, In-ex tub.

Image: AD

Image: bre purposed

Image: Northern Estates

Image: Anita Yokota


Image: Eva Holbrook

Image: forte design studios

walk in shower with floor to ceiling Shower Door To Outside garden

Image: Hayne Architects

Walk In Shower

Image: Dimitris Economou Interiors

Walk In Shower 3

Picture: High Camp Home

Walk In Shower 4

Image: BHG

Walk In Shower 5
Walk In Shower 6
Walk In Shower 7
Walk In Shower 8
Walk In Shower 9
Walk In Shower 10

Idea: Texun Builders

Walk In Shower 11

Image: Optimum Window

Walk In Shower 12


Walk In Shower 13

Image: Hooked On Houses

Walk In Shower 14

Picture: HGTV

Walk In Shower 15

Photo: Jenny Wolf

Walk In Shower 16

Image: Photo: Eric Roth | thisoldhouse.com

Walk In Shower 17

Idea: Coastal Living

Walk In Shower 18

Walk In Shower by Alexandra Immel

neutral colored walls

Bathroom by Gelotte Hommas

Bathroom by Jackson Remodeling

Walk In Shower 21

Image: Veranda Interiors

beige and brown bathroom
grey tiled shower
shower design idea
dark grey tiles  in bathroom
beige tiles in shower

Image: BHG

wood elements in bathroom with bathtub

Picture: Barnsley House

glass doors and bathroom towels
glass door in bathroom
white bathroom basin
golden light chandelier
white and marble elements in bathroom
beige tiles in bathroom
glass and bathtub
wood and glass elements
white brivcklike tiles
white walls with visible bricks

Image: MRIS

stylish white bathroom with wood floor tub and walk in shower

Image: Pure Builders

A walk-in shower is not only a much safer choice in terms of getting in and out! It is also a great way to redesign a bathroom and give a much needed style boost. There are a whole wealth of ways in which this can be done and the only limit is your own imagination.

black white and beige bathroom with double walk in shower

Image: Emily Moss Designs

We have seen some brilliant ideas for creating a stylish walk-in show as easily as possible. You might decide to use one or a combination of these ideas to create a walk-in shower that is unique to you.

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