Interiors With Style History and Charm

Stan Dixon, AIA, is the president and founder of his Atlanta-based firm, D. Stanley Dixon Architect, Inc. Raised in Sumner County, Tennessee, a region along the Cumberland River notable for its pastoral landscape and historic structures, Stan was inspired from a young age to study architecture. The simplicity of materials and authentic beauty of the houses, which originally compelled him to pursue architecture, continue to inform his design philosophy today.

Interiors With Style History and Charm

Contemporary barn

“Whether our house be large or small, it can be beautiful and a pleasure to ourselves, our friends and to the passerby. While our wants and our pocketbooks determine the size of our house; our own good taste determines its character. Houses such as these will grow better as age adds its softening touch and they will be good houses as long as they endure.”

Melina Divani

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