Interiors That Are About Emotions and Proportions

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Based in New York, Crystal Sinclair was born and raised in Texas where she started her design career more than 15 years ago. Crystal’s laid-back Southern roots allow her to have an approachable and friendly yet professional relationship with all her clients.

​Through the spaces she designs, Crystal strives to reflect the dwellers’ personality with the ultimate goal of making them feel happy and at home as soon as they walk through their doors. “As a former artist, I definitely take a creative and artistic approach to a space.” she says. “It’s not about rules and numbers, it’s about emotions and proportions.”


Casual and relaxed in the way she collaborates with clients, Crystal takes her work very seriously and passionately. She has developed a central belief with design: have fun, push boundaries, get creative, and do something unexpected! She always weaves in one element of surprise in every room, something that makes you smile. Each space has its own boundaries and needs. She believes it’s her job as a designer to find the harmony each space needs and in doing so create a home that the clients love. Her passion for design mixed with her Southern sweet attitude make every design process a pleasure.

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