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Interior and Exterior Modernistic Genius

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Contemporary styled interiors and exteriors encompass a broad scope of styles, especially recently as the in-thing to do is to break all the rules when it comes to beautifying your home. Today, exterior decors are styled to the utmost in modernistic flair as much as the interior, as with this home by RailiCA. Breezy furnishings designed with straight lines and organic materials like bamboo and wicker create a magnificent outdoor ambiance. In particular when the home has a pool as a backdrop and curb appeal that is charming and approachable. This home’s innovative indoor and outdoor décor embraces modern aesthetics fused with a healthy vibe of natural wholesomeness. 

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The interior of this home is constructed around neutral tones and natural elements. It’s a down-to-earth dwelling with plenty of space and marvelous accents. Wide beamed soft hued birch wood floors expands the already bright space crafting a well-toned open planned dining and cooking area flawlessly. Immaculate smooth surfaces are uncluttered. This modern look is a what the new approach to modernistic 21st century interior décor is all about. Matted finishes are merged with glossy veneers. The black matte cabinetry in the kitchen is highlighted with stainless steel appliances, while the overall implementation of the area is beautified by black-and-white geometric tiles. It’s a splash of color without actually being colorful. Brilliant execution!

While you may have thought that modern home design is algid and minimalistic it’s not so, and this resident’s living room and bedroom demonstrates this. An easy going style accentuates the overall theme flowing throughout the home. Cozy furnishings are set amongst a very simple, yet chic setting. White walls contrast with darker details like the charcoal black storage-combination-frame in the living room and soft white accent chairs in the bedroom area. The sleeping area is adorned with a paneled charcoal black accent wall and sliding doors in a mat finish that actually works! Such extreme hues in a bedroom takes a special interior design skill to pull-it-off but there are no issues here. The look is stylish and refined. Fundamentally the simplicity, modest sophistication, textures, and clean lines assist with defining the contemporary appeal these two rooms so easily display.

In addition, a sleek look accentuates both bathrooms overall scheme. Polished wood, distinctive tiles, neutral shades along with suspended infrared lamps, are impressive yet subtle. The plus signature tiles are dynamic and eye-catching including the touch of cherry-red stools near the foyer sink. The all white bathroom maintains a glistening eggshell white achromatic with greyish accents. An additional corridor ceramic washbasin has a shabby-chic charm.

Polished wood, sleek tiles, a play with color and textures, is most often found in contemporary styled homes today. The architectural details, use of neutral shades, geometric shapes, sui generis ceilings, and straight lines are what makes this home basic, minimal, yet bold and sophisticated.

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